September 19th, 2010

welcome to

Well, I’m finally here! Welcome everyone, and let me start by saying a BIG thank you to all my supporters, visitors, friends, and family. You all inspire me in ways you don’t even know, and I hope to manifest that inspiration through this blog.

I also have to give the biggest thank you to my dear boyfriend, Jeff. He has literally spent the last two days straight building this for me. It is one of the greatest gifts I have ever received, so thank you Jeff. xome and my man

OK! On to the blogging! Well, let me start by telling you how Buoy Bird came to be. I have been reading decor, design, craft, and creative blogs for a couple years now (see some of my favorites to the right in my blogroll). I always dreamed of starting my own blog in a similar vein, but I never jumped in. However, this summer I noticed an ad on one of my favorite blogs, Decor8, for an online e-course titled “Blogging Your Way”. It promised to teach the topics of blogging which are sometimes hard to come by, such as finding your voice, being true to yourself, styling, passion, etc. This spoke to me because I was already pretty internet savvy, and I always have the help of a true nerdburger, web designer boyfriend, but I didn’t have what Blogging Your Way was offering: the knowledge to feel better about jumping in, speaking to my audience, and speaking from the heart.bywad

I signed up. From there, I had to come up with a focus for my blog, and a name. One would think the focus would come before the name, but not in my case. One afternoon, Jeff and I sat on the porch, and I became inspired by words. It was my impulse to turn these words into a blog title, so I started brainstorming. Urban Shanty. It was taken. Kinda Good. Taken. I was starting to feel like Forrest Gump on the school bus, with nowhere good to turn.

Then I thought: Sunny. Hmm. A quick look for synonyms, and I found my starting word: Buoyant. Buoyant in this sense means happy, which I am, but to me buoyant pulled up a whole different feeling and memory. Having grown up on the east coast of Canada, buoys were an everyday sight for me. And I loved, and still love, so much about nautical culture. One of my earliest memories regarding buoys as a child was seeing the birds sit perched on the them as we would pass over Seal Island Bridge on our way to the campground every weekend of every summer. I love this image. There was always something so still about these little floating creatures, who could take off in flight at any time, but chose to stay on the buoy, bobbing in the water and and just being peaceful. A buoy bird.

Seal Island Bridge

At first, I just liked the way it rolled off the tongue. I also found it amusing because I have a bit of an east coast accent (think Canadian accent times ten),  and the word “boooo-e” truly made this natural part of me all the more evident. But then I realized that I am like a buoy bird. I have chosen to be in a place that is not my original home, but I still feel very peaceful and happy. I could fly away at any moment, but I choose not to. I have made a home away from home on my buoy (my apartment) in the ocean that is Toronto. And I even had a buoy buddy to sit on my buoy with me…I guess you could think of the cats as krill that decided to join us.bird on buoy

So that was it: I would build a blog that was based on building a home away from home. So many of the things that I have seen and learned have had an effect on how I (and Jeff) build our home. So through Buoy Bird I hope to do the same; share some of my projects, decor, crafts, and inspiring eye candy. I also intend to feature my friends and peers creative work (as this too inspires me), and to provide you with a warm, cozy place to curl up, wind down, and perhaps too be inspired.

bridge photo by Rob MacDonald; buoy photo by Steve Ryan.

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  1. Great site! Maybe soon time to start my photography site again. Congrats. Love it :) xoxo

  2. Congrats Vikki… looking forward to following your blog :)

  3. Thank you Brian and Janelle! Yes Brian, you get those pictures taken,and I’ll be featuring you before too long! And Janelle, I will do my best to keep you entertained and maybe even a little inspired :)

  4. Great Site! Love it… Jeff did a great job building it.

    I look forward to reading some great posts! Let me know if you ever need some odd contributors lol :)

  5. Absolutely Carrie!!! Your mom’s house was one of my first creative inspirations in life, and there is no doubt in my mind that you “Carrie” on the craft :D send me an email with some ideas you might have, as I’ll soon be looking for new material! Thanks!!! xo

  6. Great reading Vikki as i can relate to building a home away from home with my line of work. It’s actually pretty neat how much i can relate to you blog. I enjoy and look forward to futher blogs from you. Jeff did a great job creating the site for you too. Keep up the good work.

  7. Thank you SO much Kev! That means the world to me coming from you. If I can in any way help you feel a little more at home while you’re over there serving us, I consider it an honor. We all can’t wait to have you home! Take care buddy! xo

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