September 22nd, 2010

let it out!

Other than my delicious, rustic looking frame that I found yesterday, it has been months since I’ve come across a pile o’ people’s ‘junk’ to ravage on my street specifically. Tonight, on my street alone, there were five mini yard sales.


If I helped re-awaken any kind of  trash-swap trend in the 406 area, please everyone, keep it coming!new books

one comment on “let it out!”

  1. Hi Vikki! I’m a fellow BYW student, by the way.
    Your blog is lovely. I adore your little collection of books! So sweet. I plan to have a big yard sale, if the weather cooperates, over the next couple of weeks. Wish you could stop by! I’m so happy to have “found” you!!
    Have a lovely day, and keep on blogging ;)

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