September 25th, 2010

born free

It is a very exciting day here at Buoy Bird; I have officially captured my first featured artist to share with you!

To boot, we’re not just talking one artist here, but three lovely ladies who feature a plethora of artists themselves. May I introduce to you Freedom Clothing Collective.

freedom clothing collective

window display by Ailin Marin featuring the work of Flora and Fauna and Sculpted Light.

Freedom Clothing Collective is a non-profit, volunteer run co-op that supports and hosts local and eco-friendly artists and designers in the Bloorcourt Village of Toronto, ON (my hood!). I stumbled across this gorgeous shop only this past summer, but FCC have been in business for the last six years, ever evolving and growing as to support the artists, designers, and musicians of Toronto.

chair and monster

wooldebeast toy by Sarah Raymond

I was able to chat for a bit with Karen, one of the three board members that helps run the show down at Freedom, and she indulged me in all that Freedom features, loves, and aspires to be. Although much of the shop’s clothing, jewelry, and wares were actually AWOL (being featured all weekend at The Clothing Show at The Better Living Center), there was still so much to fall in love with at Freedom.

mmm orange

the work of Nate Organics, Usgals, and Poppyseed Living

From vintage finds, to beautiful handmade clothes, jewelry, furniture, and decor, Freedom Clothing Collective offers something for everyone, and I found myself killing my camera battery just trying to capture all the loveliness.

yellow dresser

dresser by Poppyseed Living

Although Freedom is very much a collective, each of the ladies on the board brings her own talent to the table, enabling the shop to be an ever-growing, always creative work of art.


greeting cards by Sparrow Avenue, Navy Blue Notes, and Petal Pop

Karen is the shop’s resident nerd (which I can relate to), taking care of all things online, PR, financial and book-keeping related.

ahhh yellow

the work of Tweek, Torched Studio, Flora and Fauna, Sculpted Light, and Sparrow Avenue

Jelena is FCC’s *scout*, finding great new local designers to feature, handling the consignment aspect of the shop, and keeping featured artists old and new happy and inspired.freedom

Marsya heads up the art direction of the shop. She is responsible for designing the gorgeous window displays of FCC, and finding visual artists to feature within these displays or on the walls of the shop. Freedom often hosts gallery opening parties for these emerging artists, giving them a place to share their creations with all the world.

knit animals

the work of Sarah Ottewell for SLO

I have personally seen the increase in new and young life in the neighborhood of Bloorcourt Village, and the gals at Freedom also have noticed this change, and are quick to note the impact it has had on the shop. When asked what is the Freedom Team’s favorite aspect about being in Bloorcourt, Karen’s un-hesitant response is, “our neighbors”. With new artists moving into the community, not only does Freedom have new and fresh work to feature, but they are also finding more and more creatively inclined people who support their great cause.

table shot

the work of WORN, Freshly Printed, Surgarloaf, and SLO

Keep your eyes peeled for Freedom’s upcoming events in October, which will center around all things Fashion. If you would like to have your work featured in the shop, have some fresh ideas, or even just want to score a great new locally designed tee, swing by the shop, or visit their site here.

freedom girls

Marsya Maharani, Jelena Pticek, Karen Carrillo, and recently departed team member Ewa Konart.

Thank you Freedom Gals! It is because of shops and support like yours’ that new and local artists are able to shine! xo

If you would like more information about the artists featured at Freedom Clothing Collective, please visit their website, or drop by the store!

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  1. wow ~ I have to check out this place next time I am in TO. It looks fantastic!

  2. Vikki, well done! That shop looks fantastic, and I definitely want to check it out next time I’m in Toronto.The yellow dresser is soooo cute!

  3. hey ladies, thank you for the feedback! Yah, this place is a dream; I could stay there all day. Well, Kim, you bring the east coast, and Janis, you the west, and we’ll meet in the middle and take the shop by storm :)

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