October 1st, 2010

outside the rosebud

Mmmmm, the smell of fall in the country. I consider myself a lucky, lucky gal to be getting the chance to experience it. Usually I don’t hit an semblance of country until around December (home for Christmas! I have my tickets booked!), so I’ve been indulging in the chance to take in the smells, as well as the sights, around the exterior of The Winking Rosebud. And although I can’t share all the gorgeous smells of fallen leaves, wet grass, and crisp air with you, I can show you some of the wonderful property which is providing them.Deef

The other day I shared with you the guest house that Jeff and I have been populating for the majority of this week. Well, as there are now new guests up there, we have moved into the Big House. Just wait until you see the inside of this place…outside house

A few of the days spent here have been a bit on the rainy side, but that has been a-ok with me. It was the kind of rain that reminds me of the scene in Dirty Dancing when Baby and Johnny steal the car to go practice their moves (ya with me? anyone???), so I enjoyed the rainfall-romance from under a gazebo, glass of wine in hand, and computer in lap. Long afternoon bliss.rainy day

The wildlife around the property has been wonderful, reminding me of the peaceful souls in the world (the ones that aren’t crammed into the subway at 8 am, pre-morning coffee). Horses, dogs, squirrels, chipmunks and an apparent coyote have kept life existing around me, even in my quietest moments. Of all the moments shared with these creatures, I have loved the most my mornings with the chickadees. If you know me well, you know my (permanent) love for these little guys ;)green collagechickadee

There is always something to do at the ‘Rosebud, both inside and out. We have had parties, bonfires, dirt bike races, and hot tubs all week long. I have yet to hop in this canoe, which will likely happen this weekend, so don’t be too surprised if you don’t hear much from me over the next couple of days. This gal has got a lot more relaxing to do before she’s back to the grind.axe and canoe

So, in closing, I have to apologize for not sharing what Buoy Bird is predominantly going to be about: MY home. But I promise you, through experiencing another’s home that ignites the senses as much as this one has, I will only be better equipped to bring all the potential beauty of my home to the forefront. Just give me a few more days here ;)


photo by Jeff Chew

Stay tuned for Part Two: inside the rosebud.

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  1. What an amazing place!!!! I bet it feels as good as it looks!!! Thanks so much for sharing!!! Looking forward to more postings :)

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