October 2nd, 2010

inside the rosebud

There is nothing like a day of baking cookies and pies to make you ready to write about the great indoors. I mean, check out this kitchen: baking in it and then writing about it? Easy.lanterns

The first time we came to the ‘Rosebud (approximately a month ago), we didn’t know what to expect. And to be honest, the same to can be said even today. As I mentioned, there is always plenty to do here, but there is also always plenty to look at.kitchen collagedining table

I have found myself being pulled to head outside on the sunny days we have spent here, only to be pulled even stronger to stay in the house to craft, cook, or even just to take in the scenery which lies within. Autumn is always a time of deep, rich colors, but The Winking Rosebud has managed to include all these beautiful colors inside the main house, making it just as beautiful as the changing leaves that are just beyond its big picture windows.tablescapepumpkin candles

There is no category that the main house fits into. There are Mexican tiles on the floors, African tapestries on the walls, Tibetan instruments in corners, and plenty of Canadiana sprinkled around liberally. Not a hint of beige or white, let me tell you. This hodge-podge of color and culture comes together to make a home that is warm, full, and oh-so inviting. I felt it the moment we walked through the hand-carved front door.dragon collage

Although the ‘Rosebud is a very eclectic place, it carries the classic comforts of home, allowing it to be both an amazing gallery of art and furniture AND a loving place where you can kick back, relax, and feel like one of the family. There is a lot of love here, and it is evident in all that this place is and that these people are.odiefireplace

So, that’s all for me from The Winking Rosebud. A HUGE thank you to our hosts; you have inspired us, and reminded us so much of what home really means. This place truly is a ‘retreat’, as any guest (myself included) would flee to this place again and again.

Vikki and Jeff

love, Vikki and Jeff

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  1. truly the greatest fireplace ever. to match the hosts.

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