October 24th, 2010

the wall flowers

Good Sunday Everyone! What a great, productive day I had. Plenty of additional Halloween decorating (WEBS! photos to come…), yoga, a delicious supper, and most importantly, I FINALLY got my second set of wall flowers up on the wall!original flowers

I came across these wall flowers by Umbra over a year ago, and it was rather serendipitous. I had been looking for quite some time for something, anything, to put on the wall behind our television. Art over the TV is distracting, but so was the void of nothing. I couldn’t figure out a way to balance out our off-centered TV, but then these little babies came into my world. They were the perfect solution, as I could design my own shape to help balance out the negative space.umbra wall flowers

The flowers are molded, hard plastic, and they come in a variety of colors. I felt white was a natural choice for our bright and airy living room.pretty lady and her flowers

And although my wall flowers have brought much beauty and joy into our home, I felt something was missing. So I tried adding a cat… but she wouldn’t stay in place for long.

But seriously, something was missing. I felt that there was a disjunction, a break, that went between the wall of flowers, and the wall to its right, which houses the art work from Jeff’s first album. And since they were both works of white, I figured why not try tying the two together!marking with tape

New set of wall flowers at hand (well, not so new, as they have been sitting in their box for almost two months now), I began the jointure. My first step was to lay out my “flower plan”, marking where my new flowers would go with painter’s tape. I wanted to continue with the original line of my flowers, wrapping it around Jeff’s art work, so we would be left with one big installation of white.tacks

Next, I inserted the tacks that the wall flowers clip on to through the pieces of marking tape. Once they were all in place, I just had to rip away the tape from beneath.clip on the flowers

The flowers come in five different sizes, so running with my original layout, I distributed the flowers in a haphazard, but balanced way, making it look like these little blossoms were just blowing in the breeze.joining the walls

Last, we took a step back, rearranged where necessary, and gave the final thumbs up on the extension of our wall flowers project. Done and done: an ever growing garden here on the walls of 406.a whole garden of wall flowers

If you too have come across these fun little wall decorations, I would love to hear how you have used them in your space! I have seen them on various blogs, used in various ways. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of my flowers from this big installation happen to blow else where in our house in days to come. ;)

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  1. Love this! I totally love these anyway — so adorable!– but they look so amazing on your wall. I think it was a great idea to pull them to the second wall. It really adds a lot of texture and interest to that corner.

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