October 27th, 2010

bloody candles!

“Four more days till Halloween, Halloween, Halloween! Four more days till Halloween, Silver Shamrock!”

No folks, I haven’t gone completely crazy. Just a little ditty from a special Halloween flick; kind of a theme song at our house around this time of year.bloody candelabra

So, I hope all your Halloween preparations are going well! Things at 406 are moving along nicely, but I hit a bit of a road block the other day. Did you know bloody candles are hard to come by? Sacrilege, right!? Well, I’m not one to let a formality hold me back, so when you can’t buy it… you make it!!!what you need

For these spooky candles you will need:

~ as many plain candles as you’d like to blood-ify

~ paro-wax

~ red food coloring

~ red crayons

~ two pots to make a double boiler; one medium sized, one small

~ a spoon you’re willing to get all waxy

~ a holder for your candles (again, willing to get all waxy)

~ optional: perfume oil to scent your wax withdouble boiler

Create a double boiler by filling your larger pot about half way full with water, placing your smaller pot within it, making sure no water can seep into the smaller pot.melt your parowax

Add about half a cup of paro-wax to your smaller pot, and use a medium heat to warm your water enough to melt your paro-wax.pot of blood

DO NOT do what I did, and add your food coloring, expecting your wax to turn bloody red… it won’t. Instead, remember the crazy projects you use to do as a child, thank the lord that you are still as kid at heart and actually have crayons in the house, get yourself a couple red crayons, and melt them into the wax, turning it the perfect shade of blood red. Add your perfume oil at this point if you’d like. Mmm… strawberry scented blood.drip your blood

Using your candle holder to hold your candle upright, CAREFULLY drip the red wax over your candles, one at a time, until you achieve the desired effect. Allow the wax to dry, then remove from your holder, and continue to do as many candles as you wish, adding more and more gory goodness to your home with every additional candle.bloody candles

Distribute and enjoy your new creations, and maybe do as we did on Jeff’s advice: leave a bloody candle in your original holder, seeing as it’s already super bloody – aka: super spooky.spooky lady

I hope you enjoyed my creation! A special thank you to my Mama for letting me play with wax and heat even in my young age, thus encouraging projects like this! xo

3 comments on “bloody candles!”

  1. as an added bonus you can color with the leftover melted crayons! woo! love that Halloween III reference :D

  2. Those are seriously creepy! I love them! Plus, playing with melted wax could not be more fun. I started collecting Halloween ideas for next year when our intern brought in bloody finger cookies to work yesterday. They were so realistic that I knew I had to make them. These will pair well with the bloody fingers :).

  3. this is fantastic and i love the effort.. but couldn’t you just as easily melt a red candle over top of a white one?

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