November 3rd, 2010

post fright (…or fright post)

I don’t think anyone, myself included, realizes how much time I put into holidays. I’m sure that MANY of you can empathize with this, but I think that for the majority of people, the holiday that they get carried away with the most is dead girl

Such is not the case in my house.

Don’t get me wrong; I go full tilt for Christmas. But I honest-to-goodness believe that a more concentrated, prolonged effort goes into celebrating Halloween here at 406.front porch

So you will forgive me for being absent as of late. But what is a Halloween (and a HUGE Halloween party) without tombstones, cobwebs, jack-o-lanterns, and spooky edibles!?food collagetypewriter

Check out my Mummy Dogs: hot dogs rolled in phyllo pastry, and dipped into a blood bath (ketchup) or pus (mustard). A last minute idea to turn our cheeses into tombstones with clove-marked RIPs was captured only after many people had already devoured their share of cheese.

I turned my vintage typewriter into a lost love’s last letter, penning a farewell note, only to be cut short with a spattering of blood from behind. Our guests that discovered this little “easter egg” found it quite amusing.creepy hostswitch of the east

Halloween 2010 was no year to skimp on the costumes! Jeff as the Wolfman (check out that face!), and myself as Rob Zombie’s “Living Dead Girl”, we set the bar high for our guests and their creations. And let me tell you, we were not disappointed! Top prizes go to our Frankenstein’s Monster (see below) and The Wicked Witch of the East. Yes, that is Dorothy’s house that fell on her head. How ridiculously clever is my best friend <3 (she also handmade ruby slippers… talent abounds!)spooky boysjackolantern collage

The party on Saturday was a booming success, and on night two (actual Halloween) we had a couple close friends stop by in their Sunday best to help spook the trick-or-treaters and to pass out candy. The boys carved some mean jack-o-lanterns so that all the little ghosts and ghouls knew that they were welcome here on 406’s door step. A few creepy flicks later, and Halloween was behind us for another year.

But the spirit of Halloween lives on 365 days a year here at 406. And to ensure that, we always have the scariest thing ever to remind us that something spooky lurks this way. Buoy Bird readers, you’ve been warned……pug bag


Happy Belated Halloween! xo

2 comments on “post fright (…or fright post)”

  1. OMG, I LOVE all your celebrations — it looks like so much fun! :) Makes me wish I had done something other than laundry on Halloween ;).

    On a side not, one of my best friends is from Turkey and had never seen a pug. I was (luckily for me!) with her the first time she saw one and it actually scared her! It was the funniest thing I’ve ever seen — and that bag totally reminds me of her. And, would probably still scare her :).

  2. Hi Jenn! Haha, don’t knock laundry ;) I’m the laundry lady in our house (Jeff tackles the dishes), and sometimes there is nothing better than pairing socks infront of the tv :P

    AMAZING about your friend’s first pug experience! They are such hilarious little clowns; my friend Bobby refers to them as “not efficiently build machines”. :P You should send her some of the hilarious youtube videos of pugs screaming; absolutely priceless. She might have nightmares though :P

    Thank you so much for being such a loving buoy bird follower! It’s been a bit of a slow time for me and blogging, but I love coming to find comments from you! xo

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