November 10th, 2010

keeping it pretty (and planned out!)

Sometimes you have some paper, and ribbon, and glue, and you just have to do SOMETHING with that paper, and ribbon, and glue.

This urge came to me at about..ermmm… 2 am on Saturday night (technically Sunday).craft musings

Trust me, I didn’t know where I was heading when I started, but I was crafting with the mantra that “it is not about the destination, but the journey”. So I let the available supplies take me where it would.ideascoming along

And after looking and looking and looking at my original layout, saying “what could this be?”, it came to me: a blogging calendar!blogging calendarmodified planning

Now mind you, I’m already off track, but it’s a great framework to have at my side, keeping me somewhat current and also looking ahead. Note that things are written in pencil, not pen. The little tie ribbons allow me to move to the next month through gentle removal or gratifying ripping, depending on the mood of the incoming month.plans by my side

New calendars are all the rage right now amongst my fav blogs, with 2011 fast approaching, so I was happy to make a little calendar to call my own. It serving a strict purpose is just icing on the craft calendar final

I hope my little creation entices you to get out your glue guns or hole punches and to get back to basics with your hands, or to even explore the pleasure and gratification of looking ahead with a calendar and making plans that you’ll be all the more likely to stick to. Mixing craftiness with organized planning: my secret vice.

2 comments on “keeping it pretty (and planned out!)”

  1. that is fantastic! and, I’m laughing because I DO have my glue gun out right now. I’m starting with fabric, but if things don’t go as planned then I’m switching to paper!

  2. What a great little project!!! Thanks for sharing – I can’t wait to try making my own. :o)

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