December 10th, 2010

happy two month anniversary Matt and Kim!

Sooo remember when I said I would be AWOL because of my lead up to the annual 406 Christmas Party? Well, what I didn’t anticipate was the being AWOL due to the aftermath. Holy Hayday, was that a clean up! And we’re not even done. Eh, no matter. The party was a roaring success, and there will be much future coverage on and matt mountain

Today! Today is all about my lovely friends, Matt and Kim Madden. You might be saying to yourself that those names sound familiar, and if you know your Buoy Bird, you’d be right. Matt and Kim are two lovely photographers from Nova Scotia who were kind enough in the beginning of Buoy Bird to offer me use of their images for any of my designs. A priceless gift to a novice photographer like myself.lighthouse

Kim and Matt capture what I love best about my home: the ease, the mystery, the beauty, and the nostalgia. I look at their photos and I hear the call of the loon and feel the salt-ridden mist on my face. The way in which they take in their subjects allows me to step right into the moment with them. This is ever important to a gal who craves for those moments, being cooped up in the big city.berry house

I felt (and feel) that Matt and Kim’s photography is a perfect partner for Buoy Bird. It was around the time of this discovery that two other perfect partners were joining up: Matt and Kim. Having dated for some time now, Matt and Kim celebrated their wedding on 10/10/10. I couldn’t imagine a more complete coupling. Not knowing them extremely well (only from our grade school days), it is still evident through their shared passion and full life how much they are a match made in heaven. Facebook can also be revealing ;)bras d'or

I admire Matt and Kim not only for their love and commitment to each other, but also for their love and commitment to their craft. I feel that they have followed their hearts, training and working in that which their hearts’ desire, and that this accomplishment is evident in the beauty of their work. I aspire to follow my creative roots in this way, and can not wait to return to Nova Scotia to be with my art and my home; right where my heart belongs. I also can not wait for the chance to catch up with Matt and Kim: meeting old friends as adults is so fulfilling; I think we will make great new-old friends!christmas lights

So, in conclusion, this is my gift to Matt and Kim. On the 10th of every month (their *monthly* anniversary) I will be sharing their work exclusively on It is the least I could do in return for the gift that they have given me: images, inspiration, and even if they don’t know it, a push towards my own dreams.

Please check out Matt and Kim’s stunning work at

Happy Anniversary Guys! xo

all images by Matt and Kim Madden.

5 comments on “happy two month anniversary Matt and Kim!”

  1. Vikki, the blog post is so sweet:) Thanks so much. The monthly feature is a cool idea. We’d really love that.

    It means a lot to hear about how our photos helped you see a piece of home while away. Matt and I love capturing Nova Scotia’s little treasures for that pure reason. We hear from a lot of folks who moved away and checkin weekly to see a piece of Home.

    Great work on the blog keep up the good work, Matt and I check it out all the time.

  2. Beautiful photos. You feel like you are right there.

  3. There photos are amazing! Looking forward to seeing more in the months to come!:)

  4. Vikki, it is so nice to see all your crafty ideas. I visit your blog on the 10th of each month and so enjoy all your stories. I am Kims Mother (Matt’s Mother in law) and click on the link each time they post it and read what is going on with Vikki. Keep up all the great posts and thanks for all the exposure you are giving Kim and Matt from your blog. It is truly amazing what this huge big web has the capability of doing. Thanks again, Mary

  5. Hi Mary! Thank you so much for your kind words! Trust me, it is my pleasure to share Kim and Matt’s work; people from all over the world write me telling me how talented they think Kim and Matt are, to which I can certainly agree. I am anxious to get back to Nova Scotia so that I can catch up with them in person, and also see all the beautiful sights that they capture in their photography. I so appreciate your visits; I’ll do my best to keep it up :) Thank you again Mary!

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