January 7th, 2011

i’m sick, but i can still attend a party…

A Linky Party, that is! Now, my blogger pals know what a Link Party is, but I can hear some of my not-so-blog-savvy friends and family saying,” What the heeeeey is a Linky Party?”

A Link Party is an event hosted by a blog on a particular day of the week where the author invites their readers who are also bloggers to link back to their related posts via the host site: the sharing usually runs amongst blogs of a similar vein; sometimes the link party is based on a certain topic, sometimes it’s wide open. It’s a fabulous way to share and find new blogs, help your fellow blogger gain new audience members and generally, to make new friends!

So, as I wasn’t feeling the post-building vibe all that much today, I revisited some of my older posts, and shared them in various link parties for my first time! Check out the Link Party Hosts below:shabbynestbuttonCOAS-Party-Pick-up-Button2featureyourselffridaybuttoncopyLook at MeHopefully see you later this weekend; Buoy Bird needs to lay some fresh tracks!

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