January 10th, 2011

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Happy January 10th to you! It’s that time again: time to share with you the work of the lovely, the talented, Kim and Matt Madden! Happy Three Month Anniversary Guys!Boy in Tartan

Thank goodness for anniversaries, as having a date to aim for seems to be the only thing keeping me on track these days! I don’t know if it is because I took such a long *buoy bird break* over the holidays, or if it’s because I’m still staving off the last legs of an awful cold, but there hasn’t been a lot of get up and go on the blogging front. Eh, I’m not overly concerned, as lulls are natural in most creative processes… but I digress.the menthe love shack

Matt and Kim! This set of photos shows some of the couple’s beautiful wedding photography. I thought it appropriate to share this content with you this month as I have recently been celebrating the engagement of my best friend! YAY! So De-vo and Ern, this one’s also for you!green door collageinto the woods

Dev and I have been talking weddings for YEARS, so this turn of events is definitely worth celebrating! It also got me thinking about my future “happy day”, and without a doubt, when that day comes, Matt and Kim are the photographers I will be going for.purple wedding cake

They say you should always choose a wedding photographer based on if you can visualize yourself in their photos. Well, this test is all I need to be sure that the Madden pairing is right for me. I love their creative and whimsical style, and their ability to capture the mood as set by the couple, location, time of year, weather, and theme. I just feel like Matt and Kim “get it” when it comes to what I (and my partner***) would like to convey on a wedding day. The trend of wedding photography is steering more towards the candid, and while they capture these precious moments, there is still great artistic integrity behind their work.the kiss

I HIGHLY recommend checking out Matt and Kim’s website if you and yours are going to be needing a talented pair of wedding photographers in the near future. Just don’t fill up ALL the booking slots before I get to them!

*** …see that? see how un-assuming I can be? ;)

all images by Matt and Kim Madden.

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  1. Welcome back! :) These guys are amazing! I really love the trend of candid wedding photos, and it’s obvious these two really know how to capture those great moments.

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