January 24th, 2011

when life gives you lemons…

…make lemonade.

And when life cancels your work day because of a flood in your place of employ, grab a Cinnabon and a coffee and go back to bed! cinnabon and coffeeStay warm and cozy all my Canuck friends!

6 comments on “when life gives you lemons…”

  1. Jealous! Wish my work would’ve flooded today … I could have really used a long weekend.

    Hope you enjoyed your day off! :)

  2. What else can you say, but…… yummmm.

  3. This is wonderfully sound and wise advice!


    Hope all is well!

  5. ohhh I’m sorry darlin!!! I know, I’m such a slacker :( Winter blahs, not inspired to do much to the apt. (more on that to come…); BUT BUT BUT! Today, the inspiration fairy came and sprinkled me with ideas and verve! Stay tuned this week for results ;) I’ve been with you everyday though at HITM; thank you for providing good reads :) xo

  6. thank you leigha! and thank you for the visit <3 as I said to Jenn, it's been pretty scarce around here lately, but that's about to change :) lovin' elle oh! xo

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