February 9th, 2011

days of love

Well hellooooo! Miss me? I know, I know, I’ve been absent and unpredictable at best. The only thing I can chalk it up to is having a serious case of Canadian city-locked winter blues, and being a little under inspired. My Canadian sisters and brothers, I can feel your empathy from here. Thank you :)

However, as I shouted from the rooftops (and hootsuite) last night, I have been bitten by the inspiration bug. Or maybe rather hit by Cupid’s arrow, as my inspiration this week came from… VALENTINE’S DAY! Love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day centers around all things pink, red, sweet, and sensual, and that my friends has inspiration written all over for me.

The idea was to just do a post on my Valentine’s Day crafting. I wanted to add a little *love* to our nest, without going too over the top with the campy-campiness of the holiday. Before I started, I decided to photograph some inspiration to get me in the Valentine’s/crafty mood. One vignette turned into many, and now I share with you the first of six days of V-day inspiration (well, five days, as tomorrow is reserved for Kim and Matt. Hollah!)!

I started with my pink mini eggs.mini eggs

Lady agreed that it was a very good place to start.eggs and lady

Next, a little pink bubbly.bubblypink bubbly

Lady also agreed with this but Ziggy was getting jealous of her being heavily featured on the blog.

So I moved on to a scene out of kittens’ reach: some lovely old antiques.vintage vignette

The typewriter, candelabra, and milk glass vase were all roadside scores (yeeees!), the Betty Crocker cookbook is from Ethel down in Leslieville (I still have to post on that adventure!), and that drawing of the girl and her dog is from my childhood bedroom. I know there is a story around it, but it’s not coming to mind. Mama, can you elaborate?vintage vignette two

Keeping with the vintage, I pulled out some old CHFI records I found (also on the side of the road); just tell me that album front isn’t exactly what you want your Valentine’s day to look like. I can’t get enough of it. So I photographed all four volumes together.recordfour records

Ha! There are actually some great tunes on these.

And there you have it, a little Valentine’s inspiration! Oh, the actual crafts for which I was seeking the inspiration? Well, you’ll just have to check back in the days to come.

It’s good to be back :) xo

3 comments on “days of love”

  1. Well, Vikki, it’s actually kind of a sad story as to where I got this little picture. Two very close friends of mine were breaking up and this little picture was amoung the things that were going to be binned because she was downsizing and had no room for a lot of stuff. She told me that it had been drawn by a friend of hers for her daughter when she was a little girl and who now has kids of her own now. I liked it so much and thought that you would like it too so I asked her for it. It’s amazing the things you acquire from ppl who just throw them away.

  2. Oh Mama! Thank you so much for sharing the story, even if it is a bit of a sad one. It is amazing the journey some material items take through the world, only to take on a soul of their own, becoming much more than material possessions. This picture is so special to me; its history makes it all the more <3 You're the best Mama xo

  3. Sad story, but I must say the photos are lovely. Great mood setter for Valentine’s Day.

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