February 10th, 2011

maddenvallis.com – monthly love

Please go all the way through this post: the end might just kill you with joy.

Happy four month anniversary Matt and Kim! Whenever I write that – *month anniversary* – I feel like I’m back in junior high school, when month anniversaries with your shorter-than-you boyfriends were major milestones. In Matt and Kim’s case, they have celebrated many, many month anniversaries :)smiling pickford

February’s M+K post centers around their visit with a man by the name of Charlie Pickford, also know as Old Man Pickford. Matt says:

“Kim and I met Old Charlie Pickford down in the [Annapolis] Valley on our mini Honeymoon. He was sitting on the side of the road with his cats; we had to pull over and find out his story. Little did we know we’d be there an hour later as he recapped Acadian history from the 1400’s. If you’re in the Valley (Grand Pre) and see Charlie, be sure to stop by and buy some of the crafts that he carves from wood.”pickford and his pipespipes

Reason number 257 why I love Nova Scotia, and number 386 why I love Kim and Matt. Only in Nova Scotia can you see someone interesting on the side of the road and know you can pull over for an afternoon’s worth of great times, and Kim and Matt are two open, explorative people who would do something just like that.pickford and long pipe

Kim goes on:

“While we were there he showed us photos he had taken and insisted we take some fresh tomatoes home with us. We are going to bring him some cat food and some photos we took of him and his cats in the next few weeks.”

Isn’t she the sweetest!

This little guy is pretty sweet too. He actually reminds me of Matt and Kim’s own fur-baby, Mr. Caramel Swirls! Agreed guys???a carmel swirls lookalike

And this reminds me of all things amazing. A sweet old man in a Highliner cap with an armful of cats. Priceless.an armful

Please do take Matt and Kim’s advice and give Old Man Pickford a visit, and be sure to bring along some treats for those he considers near and dear to his heart. And please do take MY advice, and check out all of Matt and Kim’s work over at their website: pleasures like this and more await you, I promise.

happy cat

Ok, the moment I’ve been waiting for… to share this with you:old and young

Melt, melt, and melt again. Thank you guys for capturing such beauty! xo

all images by Matt and Kim Madden.

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  1. What a sweet old man! Seriously, the more I read your blog, the more I’m wanting to move Nova Scotia up on my list of places to visit (and it was already pretty high!)!

  2. Great work on your writing, you captured Matt & Kim to a tee, also Old Man Pickford and his cats, been a pleasure.

  3. Thank you Daryl! I love having new visitors… I can only imagine you hail from Matt’s family, yes? Check in on the 10th of every month, as I feature Matt and Kim monthly… they just have too much great work to only cover once! :)

  4. Welllll, it hasn’t been officially Buoy Bird announced yet, but I will soon be a resident of NS once again, and on behalf of all NS’ers, we’d love to have ya Jenn!!!

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