February 11th, 2011

a gift of love

Day Two of our Valentine’s inspired posts! While putting together inspiration and color stories, I was drawn to some of my personal adornments and doo-dads. Placing them on the ballerina painting was a fluke: that was where they landed when I was tidying up the table for another shot, and that is where they stayed. The fact that they were all mostly gifts was also a fluke.new jewels

The painting was given to me by a lovely lady by the name of Susan. Susan and her husband’s home in Cape Breton is covered in beautiful, eclectic art, and when I mentioned that I loved this ballerina that hung in her own art studio, she promptly removed it from the wall, put it in my hands, and insisted that I take it. So amazing :) So thank you Susan; I will cherish your gift for many many years to come, as I have you and Alastair’s bond to my family.sweet hog

The sweet hedgehog pin is from my trip to Chicago, picked up at Paper Doll. He’ll be saying “Happy Valentine’s Day” from my lapel to everyone at work today, as I took Monday off to stage a love-in with the man. Now, the GORGEOUS ring and the earrings are from my dear friend Ace: Ace is the kind of gal that shows up at a couple’s dinner with a gourmet cupcake and a couple pieces of handmade jewelry for each of her girlfriends. There are no words for how much I love this girl.an old ring

This little pink and gold ring has been with me most of my life, but only introduced into my daily “wears” as an adult. It was given to me when I was about four years old. My dad went to a neighbouring town to buy a trailer or an outboard motor off an old man, and while the boys played in the shed, the man’s wife entertained what must have been a precocious four year old Vikki, and bestowed upon me this sweet ring. It didn’t fit me until my adult years, but my Mama held on to it for me, giving it to me when I was 21, and it’s been in constant jewelry rotation ever since. My mom says the lady must surely be gone from this world, but her generous spirit will stay alive in her ring.emily's jewels

Now THIS – this jewelry box – is magic. This belonged to Jeff’s Great Aunt Emily. Emily was like a grandmother to Jeff and his brother, and a permanent fixture in his household through the years. I had the pleasure of having a few Christmas dinners with Emily, and she was truly a remarkable woman. When Emily passed a few years ago, Jeff’s mom gave me this box, full of Emily’s brooches, pins from her time in the military, and a green art deco-esque ring from Germany that is nothing short of fantastic. Spanning time from antiques to sweet Avon pretties, Emily’s box reminds me of a woman’s life well lived, full of warmth and memories.emily's box

By reliving stories and memories like this, I’m starting to understand that Valentine’s Day doesn’t just have to be about picking a fancy restaurant for a one-off day of affection and adoration. I am reminded that Valentine’s Day is about LOVE, which can be shared with partners, family, and friends alike. Although it is a day that often gets lost behind greeting cards, stigmas, and marital status, I believe that everyone can benefit from a little mushy love, and I hope that all of you find your own way to make it a special time of year. Love you all! xo

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  1. What a sweet post! I love how every piece of jewelry is tied to a wonderful memory and person. And, I really, really like your point about how people miss the point about v-day. Peoples attitudes drive me to be very anti v-day. It doesn’t have to be all romantic and expensive, because it really is about love. And showing love to those special peeps in your life :)

  2. So beautiful, you have such pretty things with so much meaning to them! ♥♥♥

  3. If this were facebook, I would *like* your comment Jenn! :) hehe hope vday and everyday is full for love and happiness for u! xo

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