February 12th, 2011

a darker side of love

Ok, so we’re gonna take a hard left turn with our Valentine’s inspiration today. While I was running around the house like a crazy person, collecting anything resembling red, pink, purple, or romantic-y, I happened upon this bad-ass collection of all things red. It didn’t really dawn on me until Jeff walked into the kitchen and said, “That’s the most unromantic collection of Valentine’s inspiration I’ve ever seen”.red shot

Granted empty beer bottles, warped records, matches…west side story

…and everyone’s favorite pick-me-up story of 1984 isn’t exaaaactly veering on the side of romance, but you can’t argue against that fact that red is the color of love.

And there is certainly hidden love in this color story! Although ridden with tragedy, West Side Story carries the theme of forbidden but undeniable love. And there is some love under Big Brother’s watch in 1984! I should know: I acted it out for an English project in high school. And although just an empty beer bottle to most, Belle-Vue Kriek was a staple in my and Jeff’s early days of courting, and I keep this one as a memento of that time. Awww!1984

Stepping away from some of the not-so-obvious displays of love, I decided to build a vignette around something that everyone knows my love for: DESIGN!design vignette

Color stories with design elements are a breeze: you always have a jump off point with paint swatches, markers and crayons in a crazy range of colors only deepen the palette, and there are plenty of items to use as accents of white (mmmm…. white.).shades of pinkmeasure of love

So that is all for today’s installment of Valentine’s 2011. Maybe the rougher and more practical inspiration will strike a chord in you (if frilly and frou-frou isn’t your thing), and send you into Valentine’s Day with dark, roaring passion. Ooh-la-la!

By the way, keeping with the dark side of love, Jeff and I have a V-day line up of movies that honor both sides of our “loves”: rom-com Valentine’s Day, but also My Bloody Valentine, the original 1981 horror flick which was filmed in Sydney Mines, Cape Breton! It was remade as a 3D movie in 2009 (also awesome), but trust me, check out the original… a sure-fire way to get your sweetheart to snuggle in close to you ;)


4 comments on “a darker side of love”

  1. I really like this color story! I think I need to build a color story … it looks like a lot of fun. I like how you’ve used so many practical elements, but they all come together in such a cohesive way.

  2. Awesome displays! I really love the dark one, in fact I have photographed that plaid tin box before in abandoned house…

  3. Really!? That’s awesome! I pulled this one from a Kinsmen’s rummage sale, but you know if I found it in an abandoned house i’d be hard pressed not to snatch it up too! :P

  4. Thank you darlin!!! Yah, I never really did many color stories till now; just a few inspiration boards… i remember Leslie raving about color stories in Blogging Your Way, and that gal is tal-en-ted, so I figured I’d give it a shot :) I hope u had a great Valentine’s Day!

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