February 17th, 2011

this. is. cool.

That is what I said when I stumbled upon this instant bread in an awesome terracotta bowl (in a pharmacy, no less). Generally, one-off novelty items like this that pop up in strange places dissuade me, but really, Herb and Garlic Bread in a terracotta bowl? That’s a no-brainer.bread bowl start

Just add beer? Really? Just beer? Even my Saturday nights require more than just adding beer to prove delicious. If you say so amazing easy-bread.just add beer

Ok, even unbaked, it looks awesome. I could just leave this on my counter as is, and anyone who passed though would trust that I am a country-kitchen goddess.unwrapped bread bowl

Step one: the sacrifice.

blurry beer

(Please excuse the blurred quality. It was the beer’s fault.)one easy step

Step two: let the bread rise, then place in oven.let it rise

While the bread is baking, clean up the big mess you made…no mess

Oh wait! You didn’t make a big mess because all you had to do was ADD BEER!

Instead, pet adorable cat. This easy-bread thing only gets better and better.pet cat

(The hairy arm is Jeff’s, I swear.)

DING! It’s done! And it looks amazing!bread done

Step three: enjoy delicious, dense, celery-seed infused bread with boyfriend’s BEST CHILI EVER and a couple heads of roasted garlic. Heaven.bread and garlic

Is it *homemade*? No. Am I slightly blaspheme-ing my domestic goddess status by making something pre-mixed***? Possibly. Is it worthy of being on my cousin Adam’s amazing new food blog? No. But is it food that is good for the soul? Hellllllz yah. So take a chance on those funny little novelty items; you might just be surprised.

(***Admit it, we’re all guilty of a little “from the box”…You didn’t make all those cupcakes from scratch! Admit it! ;) )

(and ps: seriously, check out Adam’s blog. Yummy things await you!)

4 comments on “this. is. cool.”

  1. This is definitelyyyyyy worthy of the food blog. What drug store did you get it at?

  2. A little shocked that you sacrificed a Stella (!) for the bread. Of course, I was just telling Chris the other day that it’d been way (way, way, way) too long since I had a Stella. And now after seeing this I really want a Stella. And it’s 8:30 a.m. Thanks for that!! :) But it does look like really great bread so I’m sure it was a worthy sacrifice. ;)

    Oh, and everyone makes things from scratch sometimes. I make the most amazing cornbread from a bag. Seriously, I’ve yet to find a from scratch recipe that is this amazing. Sometimes those food manufacturers know what they’re doing :).

  3. Awww Jenn! I’d bring ya a Stella if I could! The “recipe” only called for 355 mls, so you know the leftovers of that tall can were enjoyed ;) Yah, I’m typically a *from scratch* gal, but sometimes ya need a quick fix… my chocolate recipe from a few weeks back is almost as easy as *from a box*, and just as quick! Chocolate stands on equal grounds to Stella ;)

  4. hahaha oh, it doesn’t hold a flag to homemade, and esp. not homemade ice cream cakes! Holy hay, they look good! :) I picked it up at Rexall, down by my work. Like I said, struck me as a one-off kind thing, but you never know where these things ship out to!

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