February 19th, 2011

yah, we’re havin’ a party

Aw, the immortal words of Mr. Rod Stewart. It is that groovy attitude that fills the air today; the day of Dev and Ern’s ENGAGEMENT PARTY!hearts strings

Oh, I’m not giving it all away! Just a couple hints, a couple allusions of what is to come.seaglass

This is all very fun for us as it is usually Devon and Ernie throwing the parties for us. Keeping them mostly in the dark about this one has left us giddy with excitement.stars

We’ll see you tonight, love birds! ;)

(special thanks to my gals at Love It A Lot for certain inspiration; more on that tomorrow!)

2 comments on “yah, we’re havin’ a party”

  1. Looks like someone is going to have a lovely engagement party. Just popping over from Blog Frog. Have barely got back on my computer after a hard drive crash where I lost almost everything. Hope you’ll come visit my blog sometime – I’m about a month behind but, if I can get my heart about me after the crash, I am going to write again soon. Meantime, one of my daughters got engaged over Valentine’s Day weekend, so your wedding posts are of course of interest to me while I search for inspiration!

  2. ohh we had fun! We are from the east coast of Canada (Cape Breton Island), so a beach wedding is definitely the way to go for my two best friends. The party served as lots of ideas for the bride-to-be too, so it was great for her to get all her friends’ ideas!

    What kinda wedding is your little one gonna have? I LOVE a few sites (I might be pre-planning for myself a bit, with all the best friend wedding hype ;) ); i’ll post them in a comment on your blog!

    And a hard drive crash!? Oh, break my heart! :( I think i would just die: good for you for getting your wits about you and and wanting to make a return: I bet it’ll be the best part of healing from the loss <3 I’m gonna go check out the blog now, and I can’t wait for your new content! Thank you for finding me here at Buoy Bird! :)

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