March 5th, 2011

love is all around

Remember a few weeks ago, when I celebrated “Valentine’s Day Week” with scads and scads and scads and scads and scads and SCADS of posts on love? Well to my best knowledge, I figured that would be all the hearts and love-related gobbly gook you would see here until next Valentine’s Day (ok, I might have given in a little bit for the V+J six year anniversary).

Anyway, I was wrong. It’s following me! Between then and now, little bits of *love* have been popping up EVERYWHERE!love thy neighbour

Jeff and I took in a movie at an old movie house (the kind with winding staircases up to the old fashion cinema lavatories), and I found this on wall. A happy sentiment to find in a big city center. pavement heartNext was a walk home from the local coffee shop. Outside the subway entrance, someone had scrawled a heart on the pavement. The man in the car next to it gave me a strange look for crouching down on the ground, photographing the sidewalk with my cell phone, but I just shared the love with a warm smile. At least now he thought I was a nice crazy person. heart ornamentFollow my journey another 200 feet, and I find this heart ornament in a snow bank! It was here that I decided that there would definitely be a themed post about all this found love on Buoy Bird. heart pencilBut before I got the chance to pen said post, I stumbled upon this heart pencil on the sidewalk. A dropped Valentine, to Issac, from Jack. It reminded me of when I was a kid, and we would make Valentine’s mail boxes out of brown paper bags to hang from our desks at school.

So apparently I can’t help it. Love is all around. And it’s not just reserved for Valentine’s Day: it pops up in the most unique ways, surprising you and making you smile. I hope all of you find little reminders of love in your journeys today and always!

(note: please excuse the shoddy picture quality; all photos were taken with my cell phone [read: NOT an iphone] ;) )



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