March 15th, 2011

my mother’s daughter

Jeff bought a delicious loaf of homemade bread from the Nova, and nothing brings me back to my mother’s kitchen more than bread, butter, and molasses. bread and molassesMakes me feel warm and cozy, just like you Mama. Love you! xo

4 comments on “my mother’s daughter”

  1. With me it was toast with lots of butter and a plate with table syrup to lap up.. yummmmm

  2. ohhhh bill! You’re killing me! Jeff and I are itching to get to the maple farms now that it’s warming up and the sap is running! deeee-licious!

  3. Molasses huh? Interesting! With us, it was always toast, butter and cinnamon and sugar. YUM!

  4. ohhhh yes! My mom would always make me homemade cinnamon toast like this when i was a kid! Awww memories! :)

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