March 21st, 2011

penne alla 406

Ohhh such a delicious little (ok, big) meal in so little time. It’s always nice to find out you can have something restaurant-perfect in your own home in as little as 20 minutes (and without using a takeout/delivery menu).

It’s no secret in our house that I la-la-LOVE pasta. Just ask my hips: they don’t lie. But outside spaghetti/fettuccine alfredo/”homemade beefaroni”, 406’s pasta offerings are limited. Until today.

Living up the road from a fabulous Portuguese butcher only sparks the imaginations of us self-proclaimed foodies.baconstove

And with pasta on sale at the local Shopper’s, we came to a great conclusion: Penne alla Vodka.

It’s been said that when cooking with wine, you shouldn’t just settle for the crappy table wine: it will only taint the food, and go against the whole reason for adding wine to the dish. We figured the same rules apply when using vodka, so Crystal Skull it was!crystal skull vodka

Add a thawed dish of Jeff’s famous “spaghetti” sauce, a splash of cream…penne alla vodka

And dinner is served! Such a treat -the bacon was cut so thick , and the sauce was so robust; this was definitely not a meal for the faint of heart (or of appetite).bacon upclose

And the company! Well, that’s the best part ;)aprons

Give it a try today, or share with us some of your creative uses for left over sauces, etc.!

So you may have noticed as of late that the Buoy Bird blog has been light on the “home building” and heavy on the everything else… there is a good reason for that. Stay tuned!

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5 comments on “penne alla 406”

  1. YUM! That looks SO GOOD! But obviously anything made in a cute polka dot apron would be amazing ;)

    You have an announcement?! Can’t wait to see what exciting things you have up your sleeve! :)

  2. Ooh! Looks super yummy! I rarely have leftover sauces, but throwing them in the crock pot with chicken or roast is so good and nice to have a meal ready when you get off work with minimal effort!
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Oh Jenn, it was very very tasty :) Jeff is seriously becoming the sauce/chili/crock pot king, and I couldn’t be happier :)

    And thank you for the ideas Niki! I would love to have a sauce like this one cook right into a chicken… delic-i-oso! :) Heading over to check out your blog now! And check out Jenn’s too (the gal commenting above u); she is OWNING her home improvements! :) xo to both of ya!

  4. Ahhh! That apron is adorable! I think it would make me cook even more if I wore that :) My husband and I cook a lot and you really can save money by not going out every week. Plus when we do its more special for us now :)

  5. Hi Brittany! Thank u for the visit! Yes, it’s my fav apron (I have a collection… can you say domestic dweeb!? hehe), and my first item ever from Anthropologie! My gal pals gave it to me for my bday a couple years back, and I can’t help but want to cook something fabulous while wearing it! :)

    You’re right, the going out thing DOES add up, and seeing as we are trying to save (see the post I’m about to put up in 5 mins ;) ), home cooked meals are a great way to do just that, AND enjoy each others’ company and talents all the more. Glad to hear you and your hubby love to get up to your elbows in the kitchen too! If you have any great recipes, send em my way! But i’ll hop by your blog to see if there are any there maybe! See u over there in a few!

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