March 23rd, 2011

the big news

Snow!? Seriously? Lots and lots of SNOW!?! Ugggggghhhh…

…but I digress.

So, I mentioned on Monday that you may have noticed my little “home design” blog being particularly light on the “home design”, and stated that there is a reason for that.

Well, the reason is: WE’RE MOVING BACK TO NOVA SCOTIA! Ahhh, just saying the words makes me think of salty-aired mornings and family within a two hour drive.

Now let’s not jump the gun: we’re not moving YET. Jeff and I decided last October that we would have one last (awesome) Toronto summer, heading back to the ol’ NS in September/October of 2011. So far, so good, as we’ve started saving, scouting, and getting the word out to close family and friends.

Guys, we couldn’t be more thrilled. Toronto has been an amazing chapter in our lives, teaching us patience, open-mindedness , and lessons in growth and happiness . It’s just time to “go home”. We always said TO was never a *forever* thing, and after 5 years of schooling, working, partying, and living to the max, we’re ready to move on to the next chapter. This includes buying our first home (YAY!), buying our first car (DOUBLE YAY!), and really settling into our chosen careers.

So with this decision I guess I started envisioning the future, and put a lot of current home-updates on hold. Don’t get me wrong: I haven’t “checked out” of Toronto living yet. Jeff and I just both decided that it might not be as fruitful to keep bringing things *IN* when we shortly plan on moving *OUT*. So the little apartment has been pretty much the same; no major changes (although I am DYING to paint the bedroom white… we’ll see).

What I can share with you are some of the pre-existing projects around the house! I always forget that I made these things before Buoy Bird’s launch, and have to remind myself that although they are not “new to me”, they could be “new to you”! So on that note, here’s a little project I whipped up sometime last year: a MUCH needed jewelry rack!jewelry rack wide

My earrings were everywhere, and with two very mischievous kittens always looking for something to bat around, I had to figure out a way to get my precious (and not so precious) gems up out of kittens’ reach.earrings upclose

I can’t remember if I saw this idea online, but I do remember seeing something similar done with chicken wire when I featured Freedom Clothing Collective! If I could populate my jewelry board with their beautiful wares, I would be an even happier lady.

I used 1/8 inch pegboard to start. I had a great old frame laying around, so after painting each item white before assembling (always best for cleanest results), I glued the pegboard into the frame, and voila! Many little holes for my earrings to hang from! I also needed storage for long necklaces and bangles, so I decided to add a few small knobs to hang things from.knobs

Here is the back of the pegboard to show how the knobs are attached. One of the knobs worked from the back to front (right hand side), and because I didn’t have anything to cut the too-long bolt with, I just used a stack of washers to take up space.screw backs

I also added a small white box to the lower corner of the whole unit, to store things like stud earrings and loose pendants.little box

I attached the box in a similar fashion to the knobs.trinket box screws

A quick piece of hanging wire on the back, and my jewelry rack was in business! It has become much more filled up since its inception, so perhaps a chicken wire version will soon be in order!jewelry rack long

And how could I not feature this: the sign which hangs next to the rack (and above the toilet):if you sprinkle

“If you sprinkle when you tinkle, be a sweetie wipe the seatie”! We had this sign in our camper when I was a kid , so when I saw it a couple years back in a roadside gas stop, I had to grab it. Not only do people get a kick out of it, but it’s a worth while reminder too!

Well, I hope you guys enjoyed the project, and we would LOVE to hear your feedback on our big decision. We are certainly going to miss many things about Toronto (mostly people!), but look on the bright side: you’ll have a cozy place to stay when you wanna get away to the east coast (which I will be pressuring you plenty to do ;) ). Much love to all our friends and family, both in TO and in NS; we appreciate all your love and support, and we love you!

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6 comments on “the big news”

  1. Sounds like a good move on your part…having traveling my whole life until not quite two year ago (I’ll be 53 this year)…I can truly appreciate your excitement of settling down and putting down some roots. I’m so happy for y’all. I love the earring holder project..very nice!
    I’m visiting for White Wednesday! I’d love to have you drop by for a visit.

    Stephanie ♥

  2. EXCITING! Wow! That’s so great for you guys … and I’m so happy for you! :)

    And, I really love your jewelry rack! It makes your earring look gorgeous … a piece of art all on it’s own :)

  3. You are very clever, wonderfully organized and you have some really cute earrings to boot! I keep all my jewels in a muffin tin in the closet. Not real cute, but out of the way and handy when I need em.

  4. A muffin tin! That’s such a fantastic idea!!! Keeps everything separate (I find some of my earrings tarnish from touching each other, even on the rack), and makes it so easy to see: yet again, you amazing me smart lady :) Thank you for your comments back on your blog; I hope the computer situation settles down soon, and that I see you back around lots and lots :)

  5. Hi Stephanie! Thank you for finding me: i loooooove new ppl checkin’ out the blog, and I can’t wait to head over to yours :)

    Travels you say!? I can’t wait to see the world (which will actually be much easier once we lay roots; where we are moving to is much more budget friendly than the big city of Toronto); where is your fav place you’ve been? We can always use suggestions for the future :D

  6. YAY! Jenn, we’re so stoked: hopefully soon we’ll be refinishing rooms and floors of our very own! I’ll surely use many of your wonderful tips :D

    And thank you: I guess you’re right! The rack does act as bathroom-wall-art! A growing collection, I assure you ;) I have a problem with earrings and candles. Wonder if there is a support group for that….? :P

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