April 10th, 2011

maddenvallis.com – monthly love

SIX MONTHS! WOO! Six months is a milestone in my opinion, so we are gonna once again celebrate the love and talent of Mr. and Mrs. Madden!

Forgive me, readers and M&K: I’m a little sore today, as I partied along to one of the best east coast bands last night, Slowcoaster. So if I’m lacking in the words and the story-telling, you know why ;)boots

The 10th of the month crept up on me this time! I suspect this is how it’ll be Matt and Kim: the time flying by, and you guys enjoying every second of your together-dom. So in the spirit of time passing, I thought I’d share some of K+M’s subjects that have definitely seen their fair share of time.old docktins

Gritty and old and romantic in the most un-obvious way. Me likey. The nostalgia of things and places like these stirs something deep within me; you know that they have seen many great stories, and their history inspires the imagination. Kim and Matt are the best at capturing this beauty.cornfield

A step back in time. Nova Scotians are so lucky to be able to access these time-worn places; places that seem frozen in their former glory. A living museum. I can’t wait to get back to explore the back roads, walk along a cow path or two, and definitely root around for some vintage finds.suitcase

Well, I hope you found a similar Sunday calm that I did through this set of photos. I introduced Matt and Kim’s work on BB by saying they evoke a nostalgic feeling within me, and I’ll stick to that story again and again. Thank you guys for giving me a touchstone to bring me back to my slower, simpler roots.

Check out more of Matt and Kim’s work at maddenvallis.com.

all images by Matt and Kim Madden.

4 comments on “maddenvallis.com – monthly love”

  1. Thanks Vikki! Matt and I lovee Slowcoaster too.. and surprisingly Matt and I were at the Rose Bay house (that’s the house where we photographed the peanut butter and tea cans) when you posted this :) We will have to go exploring this fall when you are here!

  2. I love these charming photos – just dreamy. Perfect way to start the week!!

  3. Thank you Marie! You should see their most recent set; kinda spooky! I’ll save those for the fall ;)

  4. YES PLEASE! Seriously, I looked at the most recent set and freaked that all I get to stare at these days is city walls! Mama needs OUT! ;)

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