May 15th, 2011

pick-a-little, talk-a-lot

Why hello blogosphere! Stuck inside enjoying the rain this weekend? If no: I’m jealous. If yes: join the club! But I can’t complain. The tulips are in full bloom here in neighbourhood 406, and wandering around under an umbrella does have a bit of a romantic vibe. And I certainly didn’t let the soggy weather stop me from being out and about! A rummage sale, a free Sloan concert, and a cozy sit in a local pub proved perfect fare for my rainy Saturday.

So the rummage sale: oh sweet springtime Portuguese village bliss. I am so happy that we live in this neighbourhood. All the locals are clearing out their basements, and every church, Kinsmen’s hall, and backyard is turning into a weekly free-for-all, in which I drool and bargain over what, in my mind, is pure treasure.

This past week I had a long conversation with someone about my love of “picking”: roadside finds, flea markets, cast offs from 406 tenants gone by. We talked about all the latest picking shows that are popping up on tv, and shared our enthusiasm about that fact that people are actually making a career out of turning trash into treasure. When I was asked about the touchy subject of haggling, I realized I kind of have a gift for this “looking out for number one” trade. With a little bit of head-strong, and a whole bunch of charm, you too can attend your local rummage sale and never once have to break a bill! Case in point:candelabra

Real brass candelabra. Asking price: $7. All mine for $4 (though I had to wait until the poor man’s stern wife turned her back…)

milk glass bowl

Milk glass bowl. Asking price: $2.stein

And funky (Greek, Ukrainian, or Russian?) beer stein. Asking price: $1.

How about both for a buck?bowl and stein


Silver platter (which needs a bit of love, I argued!). Asking price: $2. Got ’em down to $1.silver platter

Three lovely plates, each $0.25! I happily handed over the $0.75, no questions asked.three plates

And a sweet coin purse (which I now had no coins to fill it with). Asking price: $2. He let it go for $1.coin purse

And that is how I spent $7.75, saved $7, and came home with priceless finds! The fact that I got most of the items for $1 made me think of the dollar store, and I sure won’t find any milk glass or real silver at any dollar store! The character of these pieces is what makes me love them so, and knowing that they won’t end up in a landfill any time soon made both the buyer and the sellers smile.

Let me know about any special treasure you might be finding now as the days turn warmer. Keep your eyes peeled; you’d be surprised what you may stumble upon!


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