May 30th, 2011

the return of roadside finds monday!?

…Perhaps. I’m sorry, it’s hard to be on the computer when it’s 31 (feeling like 41) degrees out: ya know that glare ya get off your screen from the sun? Yah, it just doesn’t work.

BUT BUT BUT! Lookie at what I found tonight! Mmmm delicious Ritz tin with Fred and Ginger. Thank you recycling night! Fred and Ginger Ritz TinFred and Ginger Ritz Tin2

I keep being told to stop bringing things in, but the thought of someone else snatching this off the top of a roadside blue bin is just too much to fathom! Alllll mine. :)Fred and Ginger Ritz Tin3Be back soon, promise promise. xo

4 comments on “the return of roadside finds monday!?”

  1. Oh my goodness, my mom has one of these Ritz cracker containers! What a score!

    Also, hi! New reader and fellow (kind of) Torontonian!

  2. Hi Nette! Thanks for stopping by! Yah, a lot of my girlfriends are now mentioning they had these when they were kids: so happy to have found this one in such nice condition!

    Gonna pop over to your dusty house :) can’t wait! xo

  3. OH MY GOD! This tin is in my grandmothers house. She kept it on the table and would transfer the boxed crackers into it.

  4. hahaha I just did that very thing today! Soda crackers though, but they were a perfect fit :)

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