June 4th, 2011

seven stories

Ok, that title is deceiving because I really only have ONE story to share with you today, but you’ll see where I’m going.

I CAN NOT believe that Buoy Bird is almost one year old, and I haven’t shared this with you yet! This window frame-turned-mirror is one of my favorite things that I have ever created for our home, and one of the items I get the most compliments on, yet here I have been, keeping it from you. mirror window frame

You likie? I made it mysellllf :) Well, kinda. So the story goes that I was in a production of Seven Stories by Morris Panych about 3 or 4 years ago. The play is about a man (or in our case, a wo-man!) standing on the ledge of a building, contemplating his/her life and death, and through a series of opening and closing windows, he/she gets to consider the options from a number of different takes and POVs.

To get the effect of being on the side of a building, our set was built at least TWELVE FEET off the ground (yes, it was as scary as it sounds.) and there were double door windows all along the set, which we would pop out from throughout the show. The windows were these great, old, chippy-white-paint wooden beauties, and after the show closed, I begged our set designer to bestow one upon me. I was in luck: there was a spare window in the shop that he had been using to replace the set’s panes of glass with (like, for instance, when one of the actors accidentally put their hand right through the very real glass pane mid-show. Again with the scary.)

I lugged my score home, and it sat under bed, sofa, desk, etc. for months and months. Then came upon me the great idea to get some mirror into those empty frames! Luckily, I am an experienced glass cutter (stained glass university electives WHAT!?), and had all the material on hand to create my work o’ art. Armed with a couple crappy full length mirrors, my glass cutting tools, and some caulking, I whipped this baby up, hung it above the sofa, and have been enjoying all that reflective, crackly-paint goodness ever since. mirror window frame2

And ya wanna know who I get the most compliments from about this? MEN! They love it! The men who have passed through our doors mention it right away, and some even long after they leave, stating that it’s their favorite thing about our decor.

Well all I can say is me too boys, me too. :)

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  1. I love how just throw out that you’re an experienced glass cutter … where have you been hiding that skill?! Super impressive!

    The mirror is awesome … super creative and beautiful :)

  2. hahaha it’s been in hiding since uni: I don’t have all the supplies here in TO but I’m definitely hoping to set up a little home-studio once i’m back in NS! :) thanks for the love Jenn! xo

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