June 10th, 2011

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AH HA! Did you think I would miss two months!? Not a chance!

A HUGE apology to my lovely friends Matt and Kim: I’ve led them to trust that they would get special BB love on the 10th of every month, and what did I go and do? I forgot last month. Bad, bad friend am I. Love me still? :)

To make up for it I will share LOTS of M+K pics today, all based around my favorite spring/summer 2011 color: YELLOW!yellow barnyellow dykesyellow vineyard

See, this is the thing about Nova Scotia and the country side: dandelions can be a thing of beauty! I’ll always remember while growing up driving past the old church out in East Bay (ya with me Matt and Kim?) and seeing a field full of dandelions, and thinking never have I seen a more stunning expanse of *weeds*. I get that they are parasites for lawns ’round the world, but when you see ’em en masse like that, you can’t deny that yellow, sunny beauty.yellow houseyellow barn2yellow shoes

If you’ve ever seen the commercials for the maritime provinces, you’ll have noticed that we like to take a cue from Mother Nature’s color palette and splash our houses, boats, and lives with her bright colors.yellow canoeyellow shopyellow bus

Isn’t it great how Matt and Kim capture the happiness that is *yellow* against the epic, mysterious beauty that is Nova Scotia? There is something both stirring and settling about the juxtaposition. And although I don’t know how they manage to capture this perfect balance, I sure am happy that they do.yellow house2

Check out all of Matt and Kim’s work at their website!

all images by Matt and Kim Madden.

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