September 10th, 2011 – monthly love

Hello to you all! If you are still visiting I owe you a HUGE thank you; I know my contact has been lacking as of late, but I promise there is good reason for that. And that it will soon change. Stay tuned…

Well, it is the 11 month anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Madden’s first year of matrimonial loooove. A whole year in only one more month guys: you must be over the moon :)

I unfortunately don’t have a boatload of time to post today, but I couldn’t miss celebrating M+K’s 11th month with a perfect picture of theirs. The summer days are certainly winding down here in ol’ TO, and this photo reminded me of the nostalgic last days of summer.

last days of summerSqueeze in one last bbq if it’s getting chilly in your parts folks; only so many sun-filled evenings before we bunk down for cooler days.

Happy “Anniversary” Matt and Kim! Can’t wait to celebrate the ONE YEAR mark with a post next month!

Check out all of Matt and Kim’s work at their website!

image by Matt and Kim Madden.


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