October 20th, 2011

my toilet has a sign.

It’s true. I’m one of those people whose toilet comes with a sign. Shoot me now.

I kid, I kid: it’s not that bad. I just always felt strange whenever I’d encounter a toilet with a set of instructions. Provided I’m anywhere in North America (‘cuz I’ve seen some pretty funky thrones from around the globe!), I always felt that little needed to be said about the bathroom-going experience. I always respected posted signs, but I always hoped that short of my “if you sprinkle when you tinkle, be a sweetie wipe the seatie” sign, my bathroom wouldn’t require much more signage.

Others with toilet signs: I now understand.

toilet rules upcloseI just realized I should stop here and apologize for the bizarre nature of this post, when there is surely MUCH more to be telling you about, what with the move in and the set up and the decorating. Truth is, this is just one of the many little quirks we are learning about our new home, and with the insane basement flooding due to the even more insane rainfall, this was about all I had time to whip up. But I guess I am technically sharing a craft with you: toilet sign making can be great fun!

Toilet SignSo I guess the rules (and the need for said rules) is pretty self-explanatory. The majority of the list is simply precautions: we’ve heard horror stories about people dealing with backed-up-this and flooded-that, and seeing as we spent every last red cent on getting into this place, we don’t need to be met with any fun little *surprises*.  So if you ever come by and get that strange feeling about being met at the commode by a list of *to dos*, please understand that I know how you feel, and empathize knowing that one day you too may find yourself typing up a how-to list on going potty. xo

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