October 28th, 2011

happy halloween!!!

Hello lovely friends :) I hope you are gearing up for a spooky weekend; we here at 4389 certainly are (whoa, 406 no more!)! However, with the move-in, things have been MUCH tamer this year with regards to Halloween (much to poor Jeff’s disappointment :( ). It’s just been difficult to find the time with the unpacking, working (Jeff), job-hunting (Me), and all around getting settled.

BUT! Are Spooky Chew and Icky Vikki going to let a Halloween just pass them by!? NEVER! Behold! The Buoy Bird Halloween Craft of 2011:

Good House Keeping Spider Pumpkin

image from Good House Keeping

You might recall last year when I came up with this spooky little treat: great fun :) When I found this year’s craft online last night I thought why not share it with you and make the BB Halloween Craft an annual event!

For this year’s craft you need to meet the following requirements:

  • NOT have Arachnophobia (fear of spiders)
  • NOT have Arsonphobia (fear of fire)
  • NOT have Cucurbitophobia (fear of pumpkins… seriously, google it!)

Must procure:

  • cute mini pumpkins (color of your choosing)
  • black pipe cleaners
  • tea lights (dip into that bag o’ 100 that everyone has in a drawer somewhere)
  • tracing devices, knives, and fancy carving tools of your choosing

spider pumpkin suplies

First, remove the wax portion of the tea light from its casing. It makes tracing the diameter on top of the pumpkin much easier. Trace your circle, erring on the smaller side so that you don’t end up with too big a hole (which would allow your candle to fall right in).

trace your tealight

Next, pick your carving tool and lop off the top of that gourd! Again, keep on the inner edge of the circle: always better to be too small and make it bigger later.

knives and kitties

Spot the mischievous feline? BLK (bad little kitty).

Next, gut that cute little guy (the pumpkin, not the BLK)! Scrape out as much pumpkin-goo as you can, and take a big whiff: it’s the smell that brings you back to childhood pumpkin carving; a special smell usually encountered only around this time of year (unless you are a year-round pumpkin pie maker: I’m looking at you Doms! xo)

gutting the pumpkin

Next, return your candle to its casing, and squeeeeeeze your candle into the hole. The tin-cased tea lights have some give, so you really can wedge it in there, but if need be, widen your opening a little, but make sure to keep it a snug fit. Push it down to be as flush as possible without it falling into the pumpkin. When it does fall in (which it will unless you are an expert unlike myself) fish it back out, wash the pumpkin-goo off your fingers, and try again.

insert your tealight

Next, mark out where you want to place your spidey legs. Fake being a lefty if need be for the sake of getting a non-blurry shot with your dominant hand. Use a sharp knife to make tiny circles into the pumpkin flesh, deep enough so that the pipe cleaners will push into the softer flesh with ease.

cut leg holes

Fold your pipe cleaners in half and cut in the middle (4 pipe cleaners = 8 spidey legs). Insert your pipe cleaners into the leg holes, until you end up with what looks like a scared spider, all 8 legs raised in surprise!

insert legs

Bend the pipe cleaners at the tip to make little feet, and then again in the middle-ish of the leg to make “knees”.

bend legs

Find somewhere spooky for your new friend, and light that bad-boy up! TA-DA! There you have your very own spooky spider pumpkins! You can add eyes, a face, etc. if you wish, but I liked the classic, clean look of the white pumpkins. Even without creepy bug eyes, you get the picture.

pumpkin spiders

Oh! This is a good time to mention: NEVER EVER EVER leave your candles unattended, especially if you’re working with home-made holders. Trust me: the Christmas Party Fire of ’08 was a close brush with disaster (another story for another time), and I don’t want a cute Halloween decoration turning into tragedy. There, due diligence done! :)

I hope you enjoyed this year’s craft (original inspiration found here)! If you have any holiday crafts you’d like to share please add ’em in the comments section¬†(I’m even already prepping for *the-holiday-with-the-¬≠big-jolly-red-guy-that-is-not-to-be-mentioned-until-after-Halloween* ;) )!

Happy Halloween Everyone! xo

ps: I’ll be back next week with more new-house updates, promise, promise!

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