November 13th, 2011

a perfect sunday evening

Hello friends! I know I keep coming back and sharing not-so-exciting/informative updates, skipping over all the details of new-home-ownership, but sometimes one just gets caught up in the simpler moments.

perfect sunday nightSuch as a Sunday night filled with cottage magazines, local wine, and making your first monkey’s fist knot! A perfect quiet night here in Bayside. :)

Buuuut, I promise to get my buns into gear and get posting about more home-related things, such as:

  • The Move-In (gotta get on that, it’s been over a month!)
  • A Halloween 2011 recap
  • Things being painted white, white, and more white
  • An inspiration board or two for upcoming projects
  • How freakin’ excited I am for our first Christmas in our first home!

All good things coming your way! Stay tuned! xo

*tutorial on the monkey’s fist here!



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