December 1st, 2011

our anchor wreath

It’s December 1st, meaning… IT’S CHIRSTMAS!!!! :D

Now of course I know it’s not accctually Christmas, but the Advent calenders are out and Jeff is consuming that awful Advent calender-chocolate, so that mean I can say, “IT’S CHRISTMAS!!!”

It was serendipitous that I happened to not be working on December 1st, as it’s allowed me to jump right into my Holiday crafting/decorating/over-indulging. And keeping with the trend of turning our little sea-side cottage into a nautical extravaganza, I figured I’d bring the holidays and the sea-theme together, and I came up with this:

anchor wreath

Move over simple, round Christmas wreath, you’ve been replaced by the new kid in town.

I have been brain-storming about this one for a few weeks now, and although I originally thought it was going to require a mess of chicken wire as a frame, I soon found out that chicken wire ain’t cheap in old NS, and I wasn’t shelling out 16 bucks when I only needed 2 feet. Plan B: Coat hangers.

shape coat hanger

I started by shaping my coat hanger into one side of the anchor. One coat hanger did one “side”, and I replicated the shape so I was left with 4 curvy bits of hanger. Four coat hangers = FREE from my friendly neighbourhood dry cleaner!

coat hanger template

I knew I wanted to double up my coat hangered-garland, so I had two coat hangers per side.

coat hangers doubled up

Next, I attached evergreen garland ($6 for 3 bunches) to each individual coat hanger shape with zip ties. I found really tiny zip ties so that they would be easily hidden when all was said and done.

garlandmini zip tagsattach garland to hanger

The garland was wired and it took to the shape of the coat hangers pretty well, so I just attached with the zip ties every few inches. And I know that some of you might be thinking, “What’s the point of the hangers if the garland is wired?” Well, the garland isn’t THAT strong, and it would definitely droop and not hold its shape, so in this case the coat hangers are the strong, sturdy base. And doesn’t every good project being with good bones?

Once I had two of the coat hangers covered in garland, I laid ’em out to see the basic gist of where my anchor wreath was going. And just as I suspected, only one layer of garland looked skinny and sparse.

thin wimpy wreath

I doubled that bad boy up and now I had the beginnings of a nice beefy anchor wreath.

big beefy wreath

I continued on to my third coat hanger, and once completed I realized that if I added a fourth, the middle shaft of my anchor was going to be MUCH beefier than the rest. So instead, I just added extra small pieces of garland to the bottom and top sections of the third hanger.

three separate garland hangers

Put it together and:

starting to look like an anchor

Ta-da! Dense foliage all over!

Next I had to figure out what I was going to use as the circle at the top of my wreath (I later realized I could have use an *actual* small wreath for this, but my way was more fun ;) ).

lobster trap opening

Any guesses as to what that is? No, I did not make it myself… No, we have not found Blair Witch-like crafts hanging in our back woods…

It’s the opening of an OLD lobster trap! I picked a couple of them up from my new friend when I got these, and they happened to come in handy sooner than I expected! It’s amazing that all this stuff use to be made by hand. Fishermen of days gone by: you have my respect.

So I covered my round lobster trap opening in garland, the same as the hangers…

round anchor top

And took a step back to eye-ball where I was heading.

lookin good


Next I had to attach the whole kit and kaboodle, so using bigger zip ties, I connected all my pieces.

bigger zip tagsattach all the pieces

I gave all the zip ties a trim…

trim zip ties

And Voila! Evergreen anchor!

evergreen anchor

A red bow ($1 for two!) for some flair…

pretty red bow

And there you have it! A nautical take on a Holiday classic.

anchor wreath hung

Of course the final step of calling your boyfriend outside to justify your crazy craft is optional. ;)

my Christmas elf

Happy December Everyone! xo

UPDATE!!! Anchor Wreath got an upgrade later that day! Check it out HERE! :) 

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  1. I LOVE this holiday decoration idea!!! So simple to make. Pinned onto Pinterest as well :)


  2. Oh my, such a great idea!! Love it!

  3. So cute I can’t stand it!! Well done! Newest follower!

  4. That Anchor Wreath looks great and adds a nice nautical touch to the door. Great idea on how you made it!

  5. Thank you so much Kathy! Sorry to not get back sooner; working a job that is particularly busy during the holidays, but so nice to come back to such nice comments :) Can’t wait to check out your website!

  6. Thank you! :D I *heart* new followers: Buoy Bird had slowed down there for a while but it’s about time i got on with the updates and met some new friends :) Glad you are amongst them! Can’t wait to check you out!

  7. Thank you Maya! Have been a fan of yours for a while now: flattered to have you stop by :)

  8. Hi Tiffany!!! Thank you for all the love: seeing my own photo on pinterest was such a treat! :D Can’t wait to check you out; it’s my first evening with some down time in a while so I’m off to read me some new blogs :)

  9. Thanks so much for sharing your fabulous Anchor Wreath at our linky party – we LOVE it!!

    Coastal Christmas Hugs,

  10. I plan on making this and thank you! Awesome!!!!!

  11. Love this!!
    I’ve pinned it as well- thanks for the great idea, and easy tutorial.


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