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November 26th, 2010

site news!

Ok, I was going to hold off and make it a surprise when I unveiled it, but I can’t help myself… Buoy Bird will soon be getting a seasonal overhaul!!! The dandelions will just have to hibernate for the next few months (though if it depends on the Canadian weather, maybe a few more…) because it’s almost winter time people!

Man, am I excited. Just wait to see what we’re cooking up!

November 19th, 2010


Not dead! Not dead! I promise! Just getting back on track after a week of travel, food, dancing, food, drinks, food, and family. And food. squirrel au Mont Royal

Oh, and this guy. Hai there!

November 6th, 2010

i heart blogs

hello buoy birds! Well, the spooky times are behind us, and I am truly starting to settle in to the cooler months that quickly approach. A big part of my indoor leisure time is spend trolling the web for endless hours, discovering amazing blogs, articles, and inspiration. My friends can testify; I love blogs. And although most of the blogs I read are creatively inclined, it doesn’t stop my pals from thinking that I’m a computer nerd through and through. And hey, who am I to argue; being tech savvy and using those skills to be inspired by all the beautiful creators that are out there in the world? As far as interests go, it’s a match made in heaven!

As I mentioned before, I was lucky enough to take decor8’s Blogging Your Way e-course a couple months back, and that is what helped kick off the whole world of Buoy Bird. One of the homework assignments that we had was to list five blogs that we love, and why we love them so. Whittling down to only five sites was no easy task, let me tell you, but when finished I was truly able to say that I love these sites completely: they inspire me as a creator, a home owner, and most of all, as a fellow blogger.

Here are five blogs that I read and love, and why, as written for my homework assignment:

photo by Holly Becker of decor8

photo by Holly Becker of decor8

1. Decor8 – TEACHER’S PET! But all joking aside, decor8 definitely holds fast in my top 5. Holly talks about her life, as well as her loves. This makes her very easy to relate to, and makes it easy to imagine her as a real person. This inspires me because it reminds me that it is best when people speak from their heart, and teaches me an important lesson, while still indulging me with eye candy, ideas, links, and challenges (such as taking this course, or entering my home into different contests).

photo by Amy Azzarito of Design*Sponge

photo by Amy Azzarito of Design*Sponge

2. Design*Sponge – How Design*Sponge is organized makes it feel like a cozy home to me. Specific days and posts for DIY, Before and Afters, and “Living In:” all work together to bring me back to a page that I know I can depend on, relax into, and effortlessly spend time thumbing through, like reading a familiar book. I love Design*Sponge’s layout; it reminds me of opening up my mom’s sewing box as a kid: a world full of ribbons and colors and bits. The layout/design manage to incorporate texture, while still delivering a page that is bright and cheerful.

photo by Sarah of A Beach Cottage

photo by Sarah of A Beach Cottage

3. A Beach Cottage – Ohhhh, A Beach Cottage. This page stirs me deeply, as it plays on my nostalgia for the ocean, the whitewashed, and the worn. As a gal who grew up next to the ocean (and who is now VERY far away from it), A Beach Cottage is like a mini-teleportation back to the seaside, even if it is the Australian coast, not that of Atlantic Canada. I often find it hard not to immediately paint something, ANYTHING, white after visiting this page. Sarah is a girl of my own heart, as she explores building a home away from her original home, finding beauty in everyday life. I admire that the majority of her content is based on her world exclusively, as when I consider practicing this technique myself I am often plagued with worry that I will quickly run out of content! But though her stunning photography, decor skill, and humility, she delivers a page that keeps me (and many) coming back for more.

photos by Chelsea and Tec Petaja of oh my deer

photos by Chelsea and Tec Petaja of oh my deer

4. .oh my deer. – Through an uncluttered page, simple beauty, stunning products, and a feeling of love that emanates from her chosen material, .oh my deer. (Chelsea Petaja) gives me a daily page that both relaxes and excites me. If I could choose one touchstone that keeps bringing me back to .oh my deer., it’s the Petaja’s house. Man, do I love that house. Chelsea and her husband Tec’s life helps me paint a picture in my mind of what I would like my surroundings to look like. A porch swing. Beautiful weddings. Great friends. .oh my deer. manages to capture these pleasures of life, and reminds me that I too can live by my own rules and be happier and more fulfilled because of it. Also, .oh my deer. shows what a great team husband and wife can make in the blogging world, something I am exploring myself with my web designer boyfriend.

photo by Jane and Hollie of Love It A Lot

photo by Jane and Hollie of Love It A Lot

5. Love It A Lot – My love for Love It A Lot started as a simple support for my dear university roommate’s blog. It didn’t take long for her (and co-founder, Hollie) to justify this love. Lot It A Lot is just that, things that these gals love a lot. They love websites, clothing, wares, jewelry, people, and their baby, White Elephant. And being a lover of all those things too, Jane and Hollie made it possible for me (and all) to access these lovelies, taking me to places on the net that I might not have otherwise found. I love the way that both Jane and Hollie “speak”, making it sometimes hard for me to distinguish between who is writing the post before getting to the bottom of it. They are cleaver, loving, passionate, and quirky, and knowing these ladies in real life, I can say that they truly are just being themselves.

And that is that! I certainly hope that this post will ricochet all of you off to new places in the blogosphere. That is the beauty of blogs; they are such a thing of sharing, of community, and they all work together to bring endless beauty and inspiration to you and me, the audience. I’m so happy to share some of my favorites with you!

September 19th, 2010

welcome to

Well, I’m finally here! Welcome everyone, and let me start by saying a BIG thank you to all my supporters, visitors, friends, and family. You all inspire me in ways you don’t even know, and I hope to manifest that inspiration through this blog.

I also have to give the biggest thank you to my dear boyfriend, Jeff. He has literally spent the last two days straight building this for me. It is one of the greatest gifts I have ever received, so thank you Jeff. xome and my man

OK! On to the blogging! Well, let me start by telling you how Buoy Bird came to be. I have been reading decor, design, craft, and creative blogs for a couple years now (see some of my favorites to the right in my blogroll). I always dreamed of starting my own blog in a similar vein, but I never jumped in. However, this summer I noticed an ad on one of my favorite blogs, Decor8, for an online e-course titled “Blogging Your Way”. It promised to teach the topics of blogging which are sometimes hard to come by, such as finding your voice, being true to yourself, styling, passion, etc. This spoke to me because I was already pretty internet savvy, and I always have the help of a true nerdburger, web designer boyfriend, but I didn’t have what Blogging Your Way was offering: the knowledge to feel better about jumping in, speaking to my audience, and speaking from the heart.bywad

I signed up. From there, I had to come up with a focus for my blog, and a name. One would think the focus would come before the name, but not in my case. One afternoon, Jeff and I sat on the porch, and I became inspired by words. It was my impulse to turn these words into a blog title, so I started brainstorming. Urban Shanty. It was taken. Kinda Good. Taken. I was starting to feel like Forrest Gump on the school bus, with nowhere good to turn.

Then I thought: Sunny. Hmm. A quick look for synonyms, and I found my starting word: Buoyant. Buoyant in this sense means happy, which I am, but to me buoyant pulled up a whole different feeling and memory. Having grown up on the east coast of Canada, buoys were an everyday sight for me. And I loved, and still love, so much about nautical culture. One of my earliest memories regarding buoys as a child was seeing the birds sit perched on the them as we would pass over Seal Island Bridge on our way to the campground every weekend of every summer. I love this image. There was always something so still about these little floating creatures, who could take off in flight at any time, but chose to stay on the buoy, bobbing in the water and and just being peaceful. A buoy bird.

Seal Island Bridge

At first, I just liked the way it rolled off the tongue. I also found it amusing because I have a bit of an east coast accent (think Canadian accent times ten),  and the word “boooo-e” truly made this natural part of me all the more evident. But then I realized that I am like a buoy bird. I have chosen to be in a place that is not my original home, but I still feel very peaceful and happy. I could fly away at any moment, but I choose not to. I have made a home away from home on my buoy (my apartment) in the ocean that is Toronto. And I even had a buoy buddy to sit on my buoy with me…I guess you could think of the cats as krill that decided to join us.bird on buoy

So that was it: I would build a blog that was based on building a home away from home. So many of the things that I have seen and learned have had an effect on how I (and Jeff) build our home. So through Buoy Bird I hope to do the same; share some of my projects, decor, crafts, and inspiring eye candy. I also intend to feature my friends and peers creative work (as this too inspires me), and to provide you with a warm, cozy place to curl up, wind down, and perhaps too be inspired.

bridge photo by Rob MacDonald; buoy photo by Steve Ryan.