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November 25th, 2010

roadside finds – sarna bells

Let me start by saying that when I started this (couple day late) roadside find post, I was not banking on the wealth of information my roadside find would uncover!bells of sarna noel

This is a Bell of Sarna. I came across two of these little red darlings sometime within the last three years on the side of my road, and couldn’t help but pocket them. They have since graced our tree every year, and call it ignorance or just laziness, I never took the time to look into these seemingly handmade little gems.bells of sarna noel2

I knew the bells were beautiful, that is for sure. And I knew that they were previously well loved, as much of the red paint had begun to scratch off of the brass bell beneath. What I didn’t know was the amazing story that surrounds these lovely decorations. Heck, I didn’t even know that “Bells of Sarna India” was inscribed in each bell until tonight. Amazing what a macro photo shoot will uncover.bells of sarna happy holidaybells of sarna happy holiday2

The bells have hand-pounded lettering, one proclaiming “Happy Holiday” (no “s”), the other a joyous “Noel” on either side. That was apparently enough for me, as even though these bells obviously had history, I neglected to look into it. I’m a sucker for the pretty.bells of sarna india

Long story short, these bells became the livelihood, and ultimately the legacy, of one S. S. Sarna (yes, I too assumed Sarna was a location in India). His beautiful story about possibility and uprising is the perfect pairing to the spirit of the Holiday season.bells of sarna

I am so thrilled that one person’s past-treasure eventually became my forever-treasure. Knowing the history that these little guys hold makes it like finding treasure all over again. It’s because of stories, traditions, renewal, and growth like this that I cherish the Christmas season so.

Check out the story of the Bells of Sarna straight from S. S. Sarna himself right here.