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May 3rd, 2011

i *heart* 406 media

23 days!? Really? It’s really been 23 days since I last updated Buoy Bird!? Shame. On. Me. I’m sorry BB followers; I could offer you a plethora of excuses, ranging from general pre-summer blah to spending most online hours house hunting, but I will simply ask for your forgiveness. I *heart* you!

But, as the title states, I too *heart* 406 media! I mean, sure I’m biased, its owner being my boyfriend/best friend/all around awesome guy, but hear me out! My man took the leap less than a year ago to become a self-employed sole proprietor, pursuing his *second true love of web nerd-ery, and he hasn’t looked back. Going out on your own takes ridiculous bravery, skill, and determination, and Jeff has not been short in any of these areas. And it’s paid off! His client list and portfolio speaks for itself, and he daily wakes up to a girlfriend grumbling about the fact that he gets to stay in the nice warm house while she trudges out into a rainy May day.

Seeing as our residence IS also Jeff’s place of employ, I figured we needed to mark it as such. I decided to make him a little treat.the beginning

Off to Michael’s I went with no more than a destination: the route was to be inspired by whatever the shelves had to offer.paintspaint mixed

After much time, money, and drool, I finally made it out alive. Seriously, our *house down payment fund* is lucky that Michael’s is two subway rides and a walk away, else we could kiss this home ownership thing bye-bye! But I digress.

Michael’s offered up most of the supplies, but an impromptu stain made up of paints and mediums from under the sink helped accomplish that rustic vibe that Mr. 406 loves oh-so-much.a little glue

This seriously might be one of the simpler projects I’ve ever whipped up, but it was still loads of fun warning Jeff to “stay out of the kitchen!” whilst making it.stamp padmy fav nerd

And I got to put my awesome new stamp supplies to good use. Nerds + Crafters = True Love Always.and done

And VOILA! 406 media attains its first (and Jeff claims only [so sweet!]) sign! Not only am I grateful to Jeff, as he literally built Buoy Bird for me, but I am so proud of him and his accomplishments. A sweet little sign is the least I could do to show him my love and support.406 media

Show him a little love of your own and check out all of his work over at his website. Tell him the grumbly rainy-day gal sent ya ;)

*(ahem! The first being me, of course! ;) )

March 26th, 2011

happy earth hour 2011

I hope you all had a candle-filled Earth Hour! Here’s a glimpse into ours:earth hour gameearth hour vikkiearth hour jeffI’m sorry the pics are very very dark, but it was EARTH HOUR! :) Reminds me that turning out the lights and relaxing by candle light with a great convo partner is something we should all do more than once a year.  I hope you are all having a great weekend! xo

ps: yes yes, I know. The ipod is stored electricity, but hey, we were off the grid! ;)

March 25th, 2011

happy friday

Horray! Friday! Again, not much in the way of words, but I just had to share this beauty with you. lady and her flowerDid I mention I am a 28 year old crazy cat lady?  ;)

*this is definitely good life – linked up at A Beach Cottage‘s Good Life Wednesdays

**also linked up at Funky Junk Interiors’ Saturday Night Special (RIP sweet Beethoven xo)

March 15th, 2011

my mother’s daughter

Jeff bought a delicious loaf of homemade bread from the Nova, and nothing brings me back to my mother’s kitchen more than bread, butter, and molasses. bread and molassesMakes me feel warm and cozy, just like you Mama. Love you! xo

January 24th, 2011

when life gives you lemons…

…make lemonade.

And when life cancels your work day because of a flood in your place of employ, grab a Cinnabon and a coffee and go back to bed! cinnabon and coffeeStay warm and cozy all my Canuck friends!

December 12th, 2010

mappy birthmas 2010!!!

Thank you all so much for the lovely feedback on my post on Matt and Kim! Trust me, it was my pleasure. :)

So are you curious? What is this Mappy Birthmas I speak of? Well, it’s the best of Christmas and a Christmas-time Birthday all rolled into one! We have been hosting our annual 406 Holiday Party for four years now, and last year my SPECTACULAR friends decided that since they never get to celebrate my birthday with me (as I’m a Boxing Day baby, and always in Nova Scotia for the holidays), they would bring my birthday to our holiday party! And yes, it does mean that we party that much harder!PB Balls

Last year the gals had a cake made for me that was simply to die for: a Pug cake by SuGaR, complete with hand-painted paw prints and individually rolled pieces of fondant dog food in the pug’s food bowl. A-mazing. Also, a beautiful Anthropologie apron (which I’m coincidentally wearing as I pen this post!).Kyla's CookiesWillow's Tres Leche Cake

This year I was just as spoiled, with a good many bottles of wine, a gorgeous door hook from Umbra (which went to good use when the coat rack fell to pieces), and the bloggers’ best friend: a Laptop Desk Pillow. My only issue is keeping it away from the web designer boyfriend (give it back!).Candy Canes

I love hosting this party each year. Having my friends (and their friends) all under one roof, around our tree, enjoying plenty of food and drink and laughter… it’s probably my favorite moment of any given year. I am always surprised by how many people we manage to squeeze into our one bedroom apartment, but it just makes things all the more cozy. The fact that the real party always migrates into the kitchen truly makes me feel like I’m down home.Ol Saint NickSkates

As usual, the night flew by, with me running around saying hello, tending to empty trays, and visiting Jeff at his station behind the kitchen island. I always feel like I blink and it’s over. I found myself pouting when guests started leaving, only to realize that it was past 2 am. I think the door officially shut somewhere after 4.Christmas Cups

Amongst my busy-ness, I didn’t have much of a chance to take many photos this year, but not to fear! My very great friends Kyla and Ace came to the rescue (along with Ky’s yummy SLR camera), and took all these shots for me so that we could look back on our special night together! Thank you SO much girls!!!Festive Feets

So that was Mappy Birthmas 2010 in a nutshell! It brought all the warmth and cheer that I anticipated it would (as it has in years past), and I couldn’t help but smile when my guests told me in the days following that it truly got them in the Christmas Spirit. That, my friends, is the greatest gift you could ever give me. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! xo

all images by Kyla Tingley and Ace Hicks (*mwah* ladies!)

October 24th, 2010

the wall flowers

Good Sunday Everyone! What a great, productive day I had. Plenty of additional Halloween decorating (WEBS! photos to come…), yoga, a delicious supper, and most importantly, I FINALLY got my second set of wall flowers up on the wall!original flowers

I came across these wall flowers by Umbra over a year ago, and it was rather serendipitous. I had been looking for quite some time for something, anything, to put on the wall behind our television. Art over the TV is distracting, but so was the void of nothing. I couldn’t figure out a way to balance out our off-centered TV, but then these little babies came into my world. They were the perfect solution, as I could design my own shape to help balance out the negative space.umbra wall flowers

The flowers are molded, hard plastic, and they come in a variety of colors. I felt white was a natural choice for our bright and airy living room.pretty lady and her flowers

And although my wall flowers have brought much beauty and joy into our home, I felt something was missing. So I tried adding a cat… but she wouldn’t stay in place for long.

But seriously, something was missing. I felt that there was a disjunction, a break, that went between the wall of flowers, and the wall to its right, which houses the art work from Jeff’s first album. And since they were both works of white, I figured why not try tying the two together!marking with tape

New set of wall flowers at hand (well, not so new, as they have been sitting in their box for almost two months now), I began the jointure. My first step was to lay out my “flower plan”, marking where my new flowers would go with painter’s tape. I wanted to continue with the original line of my flowers, wrapping it around Jeff’s art work, so we would be left with one big installation of white.tacks

Next, I inserted the tacks that the wall flowers clip on to through the pieces of marking tape. Once they were all in place, I just had to rip away the tape from beneath.clip on the flowers

The flowers come in five different sizes, so running with my original layout, I distributed the flowers in a haphazard, but balanced way, making it look like these little blossoms were just blowing in the breeze.joining the walls

Last, we took a step back, rearranged where necessary, and gave the final thumbs up on the extension of our wall flowers project. Done and done: an ever growing garden here on the walls of 406.a whole garden of wall flowers

If you too have come across these fun little wall decorations, I would love to hear how you have used them in your space! I have seen them on various blogs, used in various ways. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of my flowers from this big installation happen to blow else where in our house in days to come. ;)

October 4th, 2010

roadside finds – the chandelier

Well, this little buoy bird is back on her buoy; home sweet home. I had a great, relaxing week in the country, but as we all know, there is nothing quite like getting home to your own bed, your own pets, and your own day to day. Only thing is, I couldn’t get back to my day to day today (whoa.). I woke up with an awful bug this morning, so home I stayed. You’ll have to excuse me if I’m a little lack luster today. However, that doesn’t mean I can’t *finally* start to show you MY HOME!

While I was taking the Blogging Your Way e-course through decor8, I was encouraged to try out weekly or monthly columns on my blog. So I tried to think of what content I would always have to write about, and it came to me: roadside finds! The topic has already made up two of my current ten posts, so why not take that as a jumping off point and go from there. So, on every second Monday you can drop by to catch a glimpse at one of my trash-turned-treasure finds/creations, and see how it’s used to brighten up our home here at 406.chandelier

And how’s about this for brightening up!? I found this rod iron chandelier on the side of my own street about 2 years ago while I was on my way to the Style at Home Show. I was heading to the show with hopes of inspiration, but inspiration found me before I was even to the bottom of the street. The cobwebs that covered this old chandelier gave me the idea to use it in my upcoming Halloween decor, if for nothing else. I got it home, wired it up to a old extension cord, and sure enough it worked! After its stint on our front porch in the Halloween House of 2008 (photo on the left), it quickly replaced the UGLY florescent lighting that was origianlly in our kitchen, and there it has stayed. The photo on the right shows the chandelier’s spookier side as featured in Halloween the following year.halloween chandelier

Since then, it has received a bit of a face-lift via chandelier shades from Home Depot, and it gets quite gussied up come Christmas, each ‘candle’ with its very own wreath of twigs and berries (I tried in vain to find a picture of this; I’ll be sure to snap some this year). chandelier upclose

There was a point in time that this beauty almost got a slick of white paint, but following Jeff’s better judgment, I held off, and I think for the better. I’m a gal who loves her some white, but there is something so country about the black/brown mix of the old iron; it really brings a homeiness to our otherwise city kitchen. Even when I do get the urge to ‘just see’ what it would look like in a shade of white, all I have to do is bring in a tie-breaking judge.lady and chandelier

The Lady has spoken.