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October 4th, 2010

roadside finds – the chandelier

Well, this little buoy bird is back on her buoy; home sweet home. I had a great, relaxing week in the country, but as we all know, there is nothing quite like getting home to your own bed, your own pets, and your own day to day. Only thing is, I couldn’t get back to my day to day today (whoa.). I woke up with an awful bug this morning, so home I stayed. You’ll have to excuse me if I’m a little lack luster today. However, that doesn’t mean I can’t *finally* start to show you MY HOME!

While I was taking the Blogging Your Way e-course through decor8, I was encouraged to try out weekly or monthly columns on my blog. So I tried to think of what content I would always have to write about, and it came to me: roadside finds! The topic has already made up two of my current ten posts, so why not take that as a jumping off point and go from there. So, on every second Monday you can drop by to catch a glimpse at one of my trash-turned-treasure finds/creations, and see how it’s used to brighten up our home here at 406.chandelier

And how’s about this for brightening up!? I found this rod iron chandelier on the side of my own street about 2 years ago while I was on my way to the Style at Home Show. I was heading to the show with hopes of inspiration, but inspiration found me before I was even to the bottom of the street. The cobwebs that covered this old chandelier gave me the idea to use it in my upcoming Halloween decor, if for nothing else. I got it home, wired it up to a old extension cord, and sure enough it worked! After its stint on our front porch in the Halloween House of 2008 (photo on the left), it quickly replaced the UGLY florescent lighting that was origianlly in our kitchen, and there it has stayed. The photo on the right shows the chandelier’s spookier side as featured in Halloween the following year.halloween chandelier

Since then, it has received a bit of a face-lift via chandelier shades from Home Depot, and it gets quite gussied up come Christmas, each ‘candle’ with its very own wreath of twigs and berries (I tried in vain to find a picture of this; I’ll be sure to snap some this year). chandelier upclose

There was a point in time that this beauty almost got a slick of white paint, but following Jeff’s better judgment, I held off, and I think for the better. I’m a gal who loves her some white, but there is something so country about the black/brown mix of the old iron; it really brings a homeiness to our otherwise city kitchen. Even when I do get the urge to ‘just see’ what it would look like in a shade of white, all I have to do is bring in a tie-breaking judge.lady and chandelier

The Lady has spoken.

September 22nd, 2010

let it out!

Other than my delicious, rustic looking frame that I found yesterday, it has been months since I’ve come across a pile o’ people’s ‘junk’ to ravage on my street specifically. Tonight, on my street alone, there were five mini yard sales.


If I helped re-awaken any kind of  trash-swap trend in the 406 area, please everyone, keep it coming!new books

September 21st, 2010


I have a confession to make. My house is currently a pigsty (I can hear my mother and sister’s collective “HA!” all the way from Nova Scotia). I am realizing that if I want to proudly display my home to all the world via the internet, I am quickly going to have to get in the habit of keeping things at least somewhat tidy.

So, to that account, today I did a bit of a gut. Drawers were emptied, cupboards explored, and the front of my house now looks like a Sunday flea yard sale

There are a certain breed of people in Toronto that LOVE finding new treasure on the side of the road. I am one of those people. I am even contemplating hosting a weekly column on here documenting my roadside scores. So, to give back to my ‘people’ , I offered up all my trash in hopes that someone would perhaps find their treasure.stuff!

If you offer it, they will come. Before I was even out the front door with the last load, I had a couple of gents browsing my wares. We got to chatting on how we love finding little gems that might only need a quick clean up or a slap of paint to make just like new again. We also lamented on how our mini yard sales are becoming harder to come by, and hypothesized that it is just due to the influx of creative, like-minded people who are now inhabiting the friends

I guess we’ll just have to chalk it up to it now being a survival of the fittest in the fight for roadside relics.

Judging by what I picked up today, I’d say I’ll do just frame

(Those lovely ladies having a looksie at my give-aways are two of those like-minded people I spoke of, Karen and Victoria. They came after I had already penned this post, and were kind enough to be my models. Thank you gals!)