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March 5th, 2011

love is all around

Remember a few weeks ago, when I celebrated “Valentine’s Day Week” with scads and scads and scads and scads and scads and SCADS of posts on love? Well to my best knowledge, I figured that would be all the hearts and love-related gobbly gook you would see here until next Valentine’s Day (ok, I might have given in a little bit for the V+J six year anniversary).

Anyway, I was wrong. It’s following me! Between then and now, little bits of *love* have been popping up EVERYWHERE!love thy neighbour

Jeff and I took in a movie at an old movie house (the kind with winding staircases up to the old fashion cinema lavatories), and I found this on wall. A happy sentiment to find in a big city center. pavement heartNext was a walk home from the local coffee shop. Outside the subway entrance, someone had scrawled a heart on the pavement. The man in the car next to it gave me a strange look for crouching down on the ground, photographing the sidewalk with my cell phone, but I just shared the love with a warm smile. At least now he thought I was a nice crazy person. heart ornamentFollow my journey another 200 feet, and I find this heart ornament in a snow bank! It was here that I decided that there would definitely be a themed post about all this found love on Buoy Bird. heart pencilBut before I got the chance to pen said post, I stumbled upon this heart pencil on the sidewalk. A dropped Valentine, to Issac, from Jack. It reminded me of when I was a kid, and we would make Valentine’s mail boxes out of brown paper bags to hang from our desks at school.

So apparently I can’t help it. Love is all around. And it’s not just reserved for Valentine’s Day: it pops up in the most unique ways, surprising you and making you smile. I hope all of you find little reminders of love in your journeys today and always!

(note: please excuse the shoddy picture quality; all photos were taken with my cell phone [read: NOT an iphone] ;) )



February 14th, 2011

crafty love

Well here we are! Valentine’s Day and the final Vday post (until next year anyway!). Much much much love to all my special supporters out there; you inspire me and help make this blog an easy labour of love.

Remember how this all started with a craft? Well, here is that craft! It starts a little something like this…banner triangle

And soon it starts to look like this…L for love

A couple sticky fingers and lots of glittery paper later we have this…LOVE

The cup holder on my lap desk from James didn’t fit around the bottom of my wine glass, but it made a great scrap catcher!garbage cup

Add a few hearts….more love

And Voila! LOVE! See how easy it is to make love!? I encourage all of you to create your own kind of love today, and be sure to share it around!love banner

A special shout out to my favorite Valentine, Mr. Jeff <3 I love you darlin'; you make every day so full of love.

And another special shout out to chalk pencils… this little guy makes crafting SO easy :)chalk pencil

In memory of my Grampie, Percy Barron. xo

February 14th, 2011

pink and purple and love, oh my!

Happy Valentine’s Day! We’re in the homestretch now; we have almost completed our six straight days of posts revolving around all things love. After this, I will drop off the face of the earth, never to be seen again… juuuust kidding!pink storyanne murray collage

Today’s post is brought to you by the color PINK!hugs

And the color CUTE!kitty wide

Cute is not a color you say? Well on Valentine’s Day, anything is possible!

Seriously, how sweet is that kittah!? Another gift from the generous Ace! She is a *piggy* bank (the cat, not Ace…), and the living, breathing cats of our household often get jealous of her. Especially when I drop toonies into her.cute kitty

And some may argue, but purple has a special place in the day of love too. Rich and luxurious, it’s pink’s sexier older brother. Rawr!purple story

Wanna know what else is sexy? V+J circa 2002!V+J

Even I can’t help but say *SO SWEET!* Who are those little kids!? I have had this picture in this frame pretty much since that time (before there was a V+J!), and it’s followed me around from dorm room to apartment to, finally, our home together.

You and me baby, it’s kismet. xo

February 13th, 2011

love blooms

Happy Day-Before-Valentine’s-Day! You know what that means: time to grab your darlin’ a bouquet of flowers, to remind her (or him) of your ever blossoming love! I personally love ’em because they help keep the hope of an early Spring mine

VDay shows of affection need not be a pricey affair: I’m just as happy with a bundle of carnations or daisies as I am with roses. They last longer, and getting more bang for your buck means you can spread them around the house liberally.

Sweet notes written here and there are an easy way of bringing the romance: the reusable message-top on my matchbook project was the perfect place to pose *the question* to my Valentine.three heart jar

Of course, if you are going to go the not-so-showy route, a little bit of extra handcrafted love definitely helps up the sweet factor.close up three heart jar

Revisit your days of grade school and making homemade Valentines for your classmates. Paper hearts, doilies, and a bit of string can go a long way in the love department. Craft or bake together (with partners or friends) for even more shared Valentine’s Day ribbon

A little bit of heart goes a long way. :)

February 12th, 2011

a darker side of love

Ok, so we’re gonna take a hard left turn with our Valentine’s inspiration today. While I was running around the house like a crazy person, collecting anything resembling red, pink, purple, or romantic-y, I happened upon this bad-ass collection of all things red. It didn’t really dawn on me until Jeff walked into the kitchen and said, “That’s the most unromantic collection of Valentine’s inspiration I’ve ever seen”.red shot

Granted empty beer bottles, warped records, matches…west side story

…and everyone’s favorite pick-me-up story of 1984 isn’t exaaaactly veering on the side of romance, but you can’t argue against that fact that red is the color of love.

And there is certainly hidden love in this color story! Although ridden with tragedy, West Side Story carries the theme of forbidden but undeniable love. And there is some love under Big Brother’s watch in 1984! I should know: I acted it out for an English project in high school. And although just an empty beer bottle to most, Belle-Vue Kriek was a staple in my and Jeff’s early days of courting, and I keep this one as a memento of that time. Awww!1984

Stepping away from some of the not-so-obvious displays of love, I decided to build a vignette around something that everyone knows my love for: DESIGN!design vignette

Color stories with design elements are a breeze: you always have a jump off point with paint swatches, markers and crayons in a crazy range of colors only deepen the palette, and there are plenty of items to use as accents of white (mmmm…. white.).shades of pinkmeasure of love

So that is all for today’s installment of Valentine’s 2011. Maybe the rougher and more practical inspiration will strike a chord in you (if frilly and frou-frou isn’t your thing), and send you into Valentine’s Day with dark, roaring passion. Ooh-la-la!

By the way, keeping with the dark side of love, Jeff and I have a V-day line up of movies that honor both sides of our “loves”: rom-com Valentine’s Day, but also My Bloody Valentine, the original 1981 horror flick which was filmed in Sydney Mines, Cape Breton! It was remade as a 3D movie in 2009 (also awesome), but trust me, check out the original… a sure-fire way to get your sweetheart to snuggle in close to you ;)


February 11th, 2011

a gift of love

Day Two of our Valentine’s inspired posts! While putting together inspiration and color stories, I was drawn to some of my personal adornments and doo-dads. Placing them on the ballerina painting was a fluke: that was where they landed when I was tidying up the table for another shot, and that is where they stayed. The fact that they were all mostly gifts was also a jewels

The painting was given to me by a lovely lady by the name of Susan. Susan and her husband’s home in Cape Breton is covered in beautiful, eclectic art, and when I mentioned that I loved this ballerina that hung in her own art studio, she promptly removed it from the wall, put it in my hands, and insisted that I take it. So amazing :) So thank you Susan; I will cherish your gift for many many years to come, as I have you and Alastair’s bond to my family.sweet hog

The sweet hedgehog pin is from my trip to Chicago, picked up at Paper Doll. He’ll be saying “Happy Valentine’s Day” from my lapel to everyone at work today, as I took Monday off to stage a love-in with the man. Now, the GORGEOUS ring and the earrings are from my dear friend Ace: Ace is the kind of gal that shows up at a couple’s dinner with a gourmet cupcake and a couple pieces of handmade jewelry for each of her girlfriends. There are no words for how much I love this old ring

This little pink and gold ring has been with me most of my life, but only introduced into my daily “wears” as an adult. It was given to me when I was about four years old. My dad went to a neighbouring town to buy a trailer or an outboard motor off an old man, and while the boys played in the shed, the man’s wife entertained what must have been a precocious four year old Vikki, and bestowed upon me this sweet ring. It didn’t fit me until my adult years, but my Mama held on to it for me, giving it to me when I was 21, and it’s been in constant jewelry rotation ever since. My mom says the lady must surely be gone from this world, but her generous spirit will stay alive in her ring.emily's jewels

Now THIS – this jewelry box – is magic. This belonged to Jeff’s Great Aunt Emily. Emily was like a grandmother to Jeff and his brother, and a permanent fixture in his household through the years. I had the pleasure of having a few Christmas dinners with Emily, and she was truly a remarkable woman. When Emily passed a few years ago, Jeff’s mom gave me this box, full of Emily’s brooches, pins from her time in the military, and a green art deco-esque ring from Germany that is nothing short of fantastic. Spanning time from antiques to sweet Avon pretties, Emily’s box reminds me of a woman’s life well lived, full of warmth and memories.emily's box

By reliving stories and memories like this, I’m starting to understand that Valentine’s Day doesn’t just have to be about picking a fancy restaurant for a one-off day of affection and adoration. I am reminded that Valentine’s Day is about LOVE, which can be shared with partners, family, and friends alike. Although it is a day that often gets lost behind greeting cards, stigmas, and marital status, I believe that everyone can benefit from a little mushy love, and I hope that all of you find your own way to make it a special time of year. Love you all! xo

February 9th, 2011

days of love

Well hellooooo! Miss me? I know, I know, I’ve been absent and unpredictable at best. The only thing I can chalk it up to is having a serious case of Canadian city-locked winter blues, and being a little under inspired. My Canadian sisters and brothers, I can feel your empathy from here. Thank you :)

However, as I shouted from the rooftops (and hootsuite) last night, I have been bitten by the inspiration bug. Or maybe rather hit by Cupid’s arrow, as my inspiration this week came from… VALENTINE’S DAY! Love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day centers around all things pink, red, sweet, and sensual, and that my friends has inspiration written all over for me.

The idea was to just do a post on my Valentine’s Day crafting. I wanted to add a little *love* to our nest, without going too over the top with the campy-campiness of the holiday. Before I started, I decided to photograph some inspiration to get me in the Valentine’s/crafty mood. One vignette turned into many, and now I share with you the first of six days of V-day inspiration (well, five days, as tomorrow is reserved for Kim and Matt. Hollah!)!

I started with my pink mini eggs

Lady agreed that it was a very good place to start.eggs and lady

Next, a little pink bubbly.bubblypink bubbly

Lady also agreed with this but Ziggy was getting jealous of her being heavily featured on the blog.

So I moved on to a scene out of kittens’ reach: some lovely old antiques.vintage vignette

The typewriter, candelabra, and milk glass vase were all roadside scores (yeeees!), the Betty Crocker cookbook is from Ethel down in Leslieville (I still have to post on that adventure!), and that drawing of the girl and her dog is from my childhood bedroom. I know there is a story around it, but it’s not coming to mind. Mama, can you elaborate?vintage vignette two

Keeping with the vintage, I pulled out some old CHFI records I found (also on the side of the road); just tell me that album front isn’t exactly what you want your Valentine’s day to look like. I can’t get enough of it. So I photographed all four volumes together.recordfour records

Ha! There are actually some great tunes on these.

And there you have it, a little Valentine’s inspiration! Oh, the actual crafts for which I was seeking the inspiration? Well, you’ll just have to check back in the days to come.

It’s good to be back :) xo